Process To Doing Roof Garden Construction

Construction of roof garden

Constructing roof garden

If you are interested in making amazing roof garden construction on your terrace, it’s very important for you to know every minute detail about it and then go for it. Basically there are three methods for roof garden construction. The first method for doing roof garden construction is to create a container garden on your terrace. The second method of roof garden construction is to make plenty of raised beds for growing plants which can be made of either concrete or wood. The third method for roof garden construction is to make your entire roof or some definite part of roof a vegetation ground like a general garden. Third method is most preferable and suitable to home owners. Hence here is the process of doing roof garden construction by the third method. Roof construction of new building is basically made by inverted roof system as here waterproofing can be arranged by the thermal insulation. By such arrangement the waterproofing of the roof can be remains protected from any mechanical damage and also from direct influence of the external factors. Here are some of the layers to build for doing roof garden construction.

  • Waterproofing layer

For roof garden construction, you need to make sure that the roof is durable, frost resistant and also waterproofed. Your roof must be waterproofed and it should be the basic step of roof garden construction despite of the fact whether you are choosing raised beds or growing plants on containers or planting on the roof itself. Waterproofing will save your roof from leak issues. Waterproofing will cover up the whole surface of the roof and that too those spots where plants are going to be planted.

  • Insulation layer

Insulation layer will make your terrace garden more prone and resistant to moisture and fluctuating temperature issues and it will also give enough mechanical strength. This layer of roof garden construction is made up from PIR panels, polyurethane foam, XPS excluded and polystyrene boards. PIR panels are most probably better suited as insulation layer on your roof garden as they will be having milled edge connection and special grooves which will allow the rain water to pass on to the drainage system more easily.

  • Drainage layer

This layer for roof garden construction is used for discharging the rain water more rapidly from vegetation layer in the drainage system along with the work of collecting the excess amount of water.

  • Geotextile layer

This layer of roof garden construction is basically used for separating the plants growing in soil and drainage layer from each other. It will stop the deposition of soil and other particles which can clog up the drainage system. It will also result in counteracting the decrease of water more rapidly from the vegetation layer by letting the moisture circulate

  • Vegetation layer

This layer of the roof garden construction is the one where plants will grow actually. It is the surface layer of your roof garden. This layer should have proper air circulation and also preamble.

Process To Replace Rubber Roofing Membrane

Rubber roof replacement method

Process of replacing rubber roof

Are you having rubber roofing? Does it need to be replaced? If yes then you are fortunate enough that you don’t need to remove the old roofing and without removing it, you can just apply the new layer of rubber roofing. It can be really complicated if you need to remove the old layer of roofing and then new layer of rubber roofing membrane. While replacing rubber roofing membrane, you can just place the new layer right on the top of the old and existing layer which is really simple and easy. This will save much of your time, energy, effort and money. Replacing rubber roofing membrane without removing old layer will also add up a new and extra layer of protection and insulation and save it from rain. This extra insulation layer will also keep the heating and cooling cost low.

  • Clean the existing layer of roof

Before you replace rubber roofing membrane, you need to clean the existing roofing layer. Take a broom for cleaning and get rid of all the loose debris which is lying on the roof. When you are done with getting rid of loose debris, take rubber cleaning solvent and apply it on whole roof. Let the solvent be there for a period of ten minutes and get dry.

  • Let the rubber stretch

Once the cleaner gets dry properly, now it’s the time for the new roofing layer to be applied on the old one with cleaner. Let the old rubber roofing membrane layer relax on the dry and give it chance to stretch to the full size. This process of stretching can take some hours.

  • Start to adhere rubber with the roof

The best way of doing this is to fold the layer into half. After that apply the cleaning solvent to the newer layer of rubber roofing and then allow the newer layer to dry. Take a paint roller and apply a thin and an even coat of the adhesive to both the layers the new one and the old one. Make sure you are not applying too much of it as it can result in creation of bubbles. These bubbles can result in creation of cracks in the later stage and hence make sure to avoid this. Let the adhesive dry little bit and let it become bit tacky. This will not take more than 10 minutes. Very swiftly roll up the new rubber roofing layer and material on the old one. You can make use of small silicon hand roller to smoothening the bubble if you by mistake create any.

  • Adhere the remaining part of the roof

The rest half part of the rubber roofing is remaining. Repeat the same process with the rest of the rubber roofing membrane. But this time you need to allow the adhesive to get dry for three hours. Take a weighted roller and use it on the entire to get rid of any remaining bubble. This will create a strong and even bond on your rubber roofing.

Tips To Renovate Your Office Space

Tips on renovating office space

Ways of renovating office space

Style, budget and preference of every person are different from one another. Hence if you have shifted in an office which someone already had then it would be designed like his taste and choice which is probably not same as yours. Hence you don’t need to settle with that, you can go for renovating your office space. Even if you had your office space since a long period of time then you might have got bored with the same look and your choice would also have changed with period of time. Hence you need to upgrade it to recent likes and dislikes and trends. If you are new to this, you can have some help. Here are some of the tips to renovate your office space.

  • Choose your style

Before you hire you first professional for renovating your office space or open up the first paint can or hold up the first hammer, make some preparation and choose your style. Once you get started with the work of renovating your office space, you will have to deal with too many things altogether and it will confuse you. Hence before even starting the work of renovating your office space, you need to have pre decided frame of mind as to which style to pick, which look to opt, what furniture and fixture to apply. If you are renovating your office space which is historic, it can have pros and cons of its own. Historic offices will not have followed any building codes and while renovating it, you need to cope up with newer building codes.

  • Make yourself ready for worst

While you are renovating your office space, it’s advisable that you prepare yourself for a budget exceeding 10 to 20 % then what you have already thought. It happens with majority of the renovation project as there will be some or the other unplanned circumstances or emergency to be arriving which will hike up your budget. Another smart decision to make while renovating your office space is to go for inspection before starting the project. You will get alert about some of the potential issues going on with your office. Without inspection, you might discover them at the demolition stage from where you cannot turn back. This will most probably happen with older buildings as they tend to have many issues which have not been looked upon since years.

  • Give some time

Now while you are renovating your office space, you would have to rent a temporary office space as the renovation can take quite a long time. You might have the perfect location, the perfect plan but hurrying up to get the office soon will destroy your perfect execution work. Hence till the time your office gets ready, rent a small office for temporary period and adjust with that.

  • Sell your old stuff

While renovating your office space, you will come across many things which you no longer need as you are replacing them with new one, consider selling them and earning some bucks which will help in funding a tiny part of your renovation work.

Ways To Clean Your Hardwood Flooring

Clean your hardwood flooring

Tips of cleaning your hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is so popular and so gorgeous that each and every homeowner wants to install it in their home. However with this beauty, also come some responsibilities. Hardwood flooring in home throbs the heart of people, but all those people might not be aware that in return it asks for a lot of maintenance. One of the basic things you need to do is to clean your hardwood flooring. Unlike other flooring options, you cannot clean your hardwood flooring with any cleaning solution. Hardwood is very sensitive and cleaning it with any material can damage your flooring. Hence you have to be very careful while cleaning your hardwood flooring. Here are some of the ways to clean your hardwood flooring and maintain it.

  • Vacuum regularly

When we use our floor daily then why do we hesitate to clean it daily? If you don’t get time to do any other thing for cleaning your hardwood flooring then the least you can do is to vacuum your floor regularly. You can also consider it doing twice in a day. If the dust and dirt will remain on the floor for longer period of time then it will result in deteriorating the finish of your floor and making it look old and dull. Hence vacuuming your hardwood floor will maintain its finish and keep up the good appearance of it. Make sure while vacuuming, you don’t attach any brush or beater bar as it can result in scratching your floorings surface.

  • Let the rain be out

Water and hardwood are not good friends. If you want to clean your hardwood flooring and maintain it for long time, then try not to let the rain enter up your home. Rain will not only deteriorate the finish of your hardwood but can also penetrate in the floor and damage it very badly. Keep your doors and windows closed whenever you are expecting rain. If you have any potted plants, then keep the tray under it and immediately clean the water on the floor.

  • Use a door mat

Cleaning your hardwood flooring will not even be a need but don’t let it get dirty on the primary phase. Majority of the dirt enters your home by coming in and going out. When someone enters your home they will have dirty feet which can make your whole floor dirty. To avoid this, you can have a big door mat at the entrance of your home. By this dirt will not enter your home. However there are other ways of your floor getting dirty and you cannot have control over all of them but at least you can do what is possible. Using a door mat will not cut you off totally from the work of cleaning your hardwood flooring but it will at least lessen up some of your work.

  • Use carpet or rug

For cleaning your hardwood flooring and maintain it, you will have to lay down the carpet and rug on the high traffic areas so that they are protected and don’t lose their finish.

Must Needed Kitchen Appliances


Must have kitchen appliances

Do you wear old and dull jewelry with a new dress? Of course not, then why do you do these to your kitchen? Having a good kitchen is not enough, for keeping it up to date; you also need to have some good kitchen appliances. If you already have your old kitchen appliances then it’s time to go shopping and buy some new kitchen appliances and replace them with the old ones. When you are cooking yourself, you need some good kitchen appliances to make your job easy and quick. Here are some of the must needed kitchen appliances which should be there in your kitchen.

  • Cutting board

Cutting in a plate can be really time consuming and irritating, instead you should opt for buying cutting board. This can ease up your work of cutting or chopping. You can easily chop the vegetables or cut the strawberries. It is advisable to have two cutting boards; one should be kept specifically for cutting meat and another one should be for cutting everything else. You should go for buying nice wooden cutting boards as you can also use it for swerving platters in parties.

  • A knife set

After you buy a nice cutting board, the next step is to buy a three proper knife sets. All of the kitchen must be stocked up with three types of knife one is paring knife, another is chef’s knife and the third one is serrated knife. Your budget will try to convince you that one knife will fit in with all three types of knives but you will have to regret this decision when you have to cut the bread into perfect slices with chef’s knife and won’t be able to do it. Hence manage your budget and have these three knives set as it is one of the must needed kitchen appliance.

  • Measuring cups and spoons

You might not be including it as a must have kitchen appliance but eventually you will know that it is. No one is a perfect cook and everyone learns to cook from some or the other sources. When you are trying to cook something from cook book or from some cooking show or from some video then they will be indicating measures with measure cups r spoons. When you try to follow them, you might make mistake in measurement of ingredients and end up making some disastrous food item. To avoid any such incident, you must buy this measuring cups and spoons to get the exact measurement while cooking something.

  • Can opener

Now this is definitely one of the most essential kitchen appliances you place in your kitchen. This may not seem to be so important but trust me it’s very helpful. You need it for opening beer cans or soda cans or soft drink cans. Now when you decide to party and bring some beer cans and can’t find a can opener and have to open the bottle with a knife, this is really irritating.

How To Hire An Architect For Your Home

Architect for your homeThe higher cost which architect charge is far less troublesome then finding the wrong architect and suffering at the end. Yes of course cost does matter a lot while hiring an architect for your home, but going behind the cost and hiring an architect for your home which lacks at service and good results will be very much upsetting for you. Hiring an architect for your home involves lots of hard work and effort. While hiring an architect for your home, you need to make lots of research and check the architect in deep so that you don’t pick the wrong one. Thus here are some of the tips for hiring an architect for your home.

  • Interview the architect

Before hiring an architect for your home, you must interview the architect you are going to hire. Don’t just interview only one architect, try and interview three to four architect while hiring an architect for your home. This will make you aware about the services and prices which are prevalent in the market and you cannot be fooled. You can compare the charge and facilities’ and conditions of each of the architect you interview and then go for the one which is giving the best things.

  • Get every detail

While hiring an architect for your home, you must get each and detail regarding the work. You must ask him how long he will take to complete your work and also get him straight with the budget. Also ask him the timing of his work and how many workers he is going to use for your project. Be flexible with your budget as it will be little up and down due to some uncontrollable contingencies.

  • Know whether the architect himself will manage the project

Many of the times when the architect has a big firm and has lots of work to do, he will be the one talking with you but when the time comes for the actual work, he will send a substitute. It can be possible that the substitute might not work as efficiently as the consulted architect and hence you will not get the desired or expected results. It can also be possible that the new architect is good at work and you don’t have to regret but it is better to make sure and get to know who is actually managing your project.

  • Describe your estimate

It is important to give a specific amount to the architect while hiring an architect for your home. If can help you and him both. If his charge is higher he can deny at early stage only and you don’t have to pay more than your estimate if this fact is known after completion of the work. Don’t be rigid with your estimate, you have to be little flexible as there can be lot of things which can vary your price. Sometimes changes in weather or some unplanned event or situation can cause your estimate to go high. But still while hiring an architect for your home, don’t forget to put an estimate.



How to Improve your Home Security

How to Improve your Home SecurityDays are not being so much good right? Thinking of protecting your family?  but for that you need to go for protecting your home first which can help you in the matters of complying with things which you are in need of. Don’t worry there are many different types of home securities which you can go for installing in your home. Having home security at your home is considered to be a good thing but the important thing which you need to comply with in your home is to improve your home security which is a note to be take care of. The resources which are available in the market will help you in going for the instance which you need to keep in mind while going for improving your home security at your home.

The further discussed information will help you in the matters of going for improving your home security which you can go for in your home. There are many things which can be proved to be helpful for the home owners in the matters of going for improving your home security like changing of the locks of your home, installing security cameras, getting the alarm system in your home, etc. and many more of the things which can be proved to be helpful for the home owners in the matters of going for improving your home security for your home.

How to improve your home security

  • If you are going to shift in to some of the new house, than the first thing which you need to take in to account at the time of improving your home security is to change up the locks which are already install in your home. This will help you in making and getting the confidence about the safety measure which you want to have in your home. Well, it is not sure that the keys of your old locks are with whom and they can also take the advantage, so it is better to be safe to your maximum.
  • Installing of alarm system is another thing which can help you in the matters of going for improving your home security at your home. It is considered to be the emergent help which the home owners can get the avail of. Getting the information that your home is having the alarm system, it prevents the strangers to be away from your home which is considered to be in the benefits of the home owners.
  • Protecting your windows is also considered to be one way which can help you in going for improving your home security at your home. With the help of the grill, install grill in the front side of the window which can help you in not letting any of the person enter up your home. Going for metal grill is considered to be better option which also considered being beneficial for the home owners too. These are some of the things but there are many other options which can help you in the matters of going for improving your home security at your home.

4 Things To Do Daily For Spotless Clean Home

Spotless clean homeWe all know spotless clean home is just like a dream. We all might have spotless clean home when we do the cleaning work but on daily it seems really impossible to maintain a spotless clean home. With such busy life and hectic schedule it is really a challenging job to keep a spotless clean home. You would be glad to know that there are many people who have spotless clean home and they also have such busy and hectic life but still they manage to have a spotless clean home and that too with not extreme effort just with a small daily to do list which will just take few minutes and a wide result. Steal just few minutes from your extreme block up schedule and you will be ever ready for any surprise drop-ins. Here are things to do daily for spotless clean home.

  • Take your shoes off

Many of you have a tendency to enter into home with shoes on when they get back home. Shoes have been through many places with dust and dirt with it. This whenever you enter your home with shoes o you also bring in dirt and dust and make your home dirty. Thus if you want a spotless clean home, make a habit of entering into your home with your shoes off. Always remove your shoes beside the front door and then only enter the house. Shoes also bring germs with it and hence it can also affect your health and hygiene. Especially if you are having small kids in your home that plays on the floor then shoes can make your floor dirty and in turn it will affect your kid’s health. Thus not only for the spotless clean home but removing your shoes out is also important for good health.

  • Make your bed daily

Many of you have the habit of keep the bed as it is after sleep. This is really a bad habit and it makes your home to look untidy and unorganized. Thus if you intend to have a spotless clean home, always make your bed after you use it. When you have your rest of the room picture perfect but if bed is nit proper then it will steal the whole show of your room and hence make your home picture perfect by making your bed on regular basis.

  • Wipe the kitchen counters

Kitchen is such a part of your home which will definitely be used on frequent basis and if you want spotless clean home, it becomes a pre requisite to keep your kitchen clean. While you are done with your lunch or even with dinner make a habit of always cleaning your kitchen counter and then only leaving your kitchen. This will definitely give you a spotless clean home.

  • Have a five minute clean up

If you want a spotless clean home, everyday have a round of your home and check for any clutter or messed up things. Always before going to bed put that stuff at the right place and make your home clean and DE cluttered.

How to Organize your Bedroom

organizing your bderoomBedroom is considered to be one of the important parts of your home. Well, it is well said that our day starts in bedroom and ends up in the bedroom. We all know that after working for the whole of the day this much hard, if the bedroom is not in a proper condition, is messy than it is going to upset up your mood right? So it is important to organize your bedroom because it will help you in getting all the relaxation and satisfaction which you are in need of ta the end of the day. There are many things which you need to take in to consideration at the time of organizing your bedroom which are further discussed.

This article will help you in knowing each and everything which you want to know at the time of organizing your bedroom at your home. No doubt there are certain things which you need to take in top consideration at the time of going for organizing your bedroom like the organizing your closet, getting perfect beds with more storage, etc. and some more of the things which are mandatory to be followed at the time of organizing your bedroom.

How to organize your bedroom

  • As you are planning of organizing your bedroom, you need to take certain things in to consideration. Let’s the first thing to start up. The first thing which you need to look for is to get the catch of the things of how you want to organize your bedroom. Make a note of the things which you will need in the process of organizing your bedroom. Research it will before taking the move for it.
  • Go for the difficult ones for the first. We always think that let us comply with the easy one first but this is considered to be wrong. If you will asks me than you, us go for the difficult ones first so that the work of it can be done easily and on a fast scale of time. Not only that but you can draw up the rough work of the organizing process because it will give you better idea about the things which you want to go for.
  • organizing your bderoomWell, if you are afraid of going for the bold colors in your bedroom, than do not get afraid about it. You can definitely go for bold or bright colors which will help you in not only increasing the look as well as it will give you confidence of organizing your bedroom.
  • Another thing which you need to comply with is the closet which you have installed in your home. I know we don’t have much time of organizing the closet, but still you need to go for it. Just imagine, opening the closet and getting all the things on us is not the jam right? So getting everything on right place will help you in better way to organize your bedroom. Well, the information which has been served to you is going to help you in many things at the time of getting done with the process of organizing your bedroom.

How To Restore Your Home For Resale

Restore your homeRestoring your home is very helpful for giving a new touch to your home. It is equally helpful if you want to resale your home. Thus making some or the other changes and restoring your home can give you a good amount in return while you resale it. Even if you are staying in your home and not going to sell your home then also the perspective of resale must be kept in mind while restoring your home. It really becomes difficult to sell your old home when it is not that attractive in this circumstances making changes by restoring your home can help you a lot to sale it and fetch a justifiable amount out of it. Here are some of the tips to restore your home for reselling it.

  • Buy the right house at the right price

All the discussions and points about the location are totally true. If you have the worst house in a best neighborhood then it will be sold easily because of its location. Don’t choose the houses on the busy streets; it will reduce your home’s value. There are also some guidelines about old houses. Don’t prefer a house with weird floor plan. There is nothing like cosmetic upper fixer. Buy a house where most of the architectural elements are perfect. You can the interior and look of the house by restoring your home but you cannot restore its architectural plan. Most of real estate experts suggest to not to buy a house with structural defaults but contrary to this it is advisable to buy such houses but only if you get it at a right price and then make some addition and restore your house and make it modern and elegant.

  • If it isn’t broke then don’t fix it

While restoring your house, many times you restore such things which are not even needed to be restored. Many homeowners have a misconception to do everything new like new plumbing, new windows, new drywall, new wiring. Yes definitely while restoring your house, there are certain things which are compulsory to be restored but all things should be restored, it is waste of money and resources. It is advisable that you should repair what is repairable, replace what is not and spend the rest of the saved money on kitchen.

  • Patch all the plaster cracks

Restoring your house includes changing the overall look of your house and makes it look more beautiful by removing its fault and defaults. Patch on the walls and ceiling is one such fault which deteriorate the beauty of your house and hence all the patches must be covered. Not only patches, even plaster cracks are vulnerable and need to be combated. Thus you can try out application of spackling compound or you can also try out putty which will work as a wonder on all your cracks and holes and patches. Thus make sure while you are restoring your house, you must cover all these flaws and defects.

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