Baby Furniture – Differences between a Bassinet and a Crib

Bassinets are a popular choice for most parents with new born babies and are used during the first few months. They are shaped like baskets and this makes it easy to carry them around unlike cribs. The bassinets also weigh less and some of them even come with wheels so that you can move them from one area to another even as the baby sleeps. A bassinet is a good option for a parent who travels a lot or the ones who live in apartment buildings. With a bassinet, a baby can comfortably sleep near the parent which is important during the first few months.

A crib is stationary and is more suitable for a baby who is more than six months old. They are more economical because unlike bassinets, a baby can use it until they are about 2 years old. They are safer because they come with bars therefore the baby cannot fall out.