Budget friendly window coverings

Windows are a gateway to the external world and are evident even from outside. Their coverings need to be eclectic for creating an impression. You may go for triangular panels or ground glasses to lend flash. However, if you want them open and interiors airy, take few steps to keep windows handsome.

Sheets may be used to cover these windows if they are rather long. Roman blinds are quite expensive, if one looks for budget friendly operations, sheets fill in nicely.

You can also go for montages. Smart strips of colored clothing stitched into one cover. It will give a different look. Smart window trellis is another way of covering up the opening.

You can opt for tiebacks; although that looks awkward in large windows. It is better to first trim their sizes if possible. Seed an ivy plant just outside the window. In time, creeps will automatically cover it naturally.

Countertop makeover

Countertops makeover needs innovative ideas. You can go for grout stain techniques, sandpaper technique or plain color spray.

Grout stain gives the countertops a hard look. Stone tiles can be used for the effect only you need a dark grout for that.

You can press sandpaper on the countertop to smoothen them. Then you may place little swirls or small elements to give it a definite edge. Chinaware or pieces of broken pottery can also be strategically placed to make countertops look special.

You can also go for spray paint. Do it for a couple of times, allowing it to dry. Then a couple more sprays give a permanent fixation.

You can refurnish bathroom or kitchen fittings to give countertops a classy look. Make sure that the insides are clean and hygienic. Install a jet washer for further cleanliness.
It needs remembering that countertops are only a part of bathroom or kitchen, not its whole identity.

Which antiques are good investments?

There are certain antiques which look good only in museums. Some meanwhile are good enough to restore a vintage look to your interiors. You should filter out the former and glorify the latter.

Antique clocks may be placed over mini-bars or even in drawing rooms. Their strategic placement makes for good reviews. Oak chairs and sandalwood beds, relics of the past are still strong enough to attract brownie points.

Wood paneled bookcases are another antique stuff that are handy. They have large storage area and things other than books get an alcove. An old sculpture or painting is only going to add classy essence to your interiors.

Old telephone with revolving numbers is another antique object that may be smartly placed in the living room. Antiques are however luxuries only for the riches. Antiques used by poor people give an impression that they perhaps do not have means to buy new ones.

The essential guide to baby proofing your home

Babies are the light of family life. It is imperative to keep an eye on their security from injuries at home. You should take certain steps to ensure that.

Corridors and living room floors are often hard enough to cause then danger. They have an involuntary habit of falling down. Insulate these spaces with soft rugs.
Install electrical outlets out of their reach to ensure that they do not encounter electric shocks. Due to curiosity, they are often driven towards these outlets. Another area for their attraction is PC or television. Make sure that they do not give currents through faulty connections.

Stairways should be well carpeted to assure that toddlers do not permanently damage their body parts while falling. Any chance nails or plugs should be extracted. Bathrooms, one of their favorite areas, should be proofed by installing latches. Babies need personal attention for they do not have a mind of their own.

The best value in home security camera systems

Security camera system needs to be beefed up to ensure complete security. Night vision camera is of great importance, as most burglaries and invasions happen at night.

Place them in every seeming entrance both inside and outside. Better if you can manage a fierce dog on the backyard while you sleep. Connect these cameras with a USB DVR system which can be connected with computer or customized television. This way, you can keep an eye on any invasion or burglary attempt.

These security cameras work better when they revolve. Otherwise, one side will be completely ignored; while concentrating on the other side. Moreover, cameras should be fairly inconspicuous to give burglars a false impression. Placing electrified fences is another method of ensuring security.

If possible, hire a watchman to look for any unbidden movement caught in the cameras; while you sleep peacefully. You can also install burglars’ alarm for complete inner security.

4 gorgeous holiday decorations

Thanksgiving Day, Christmas or Halloween are times when even paltry people try embellishing their interiors. There are some interesting decorative schemes for these days.

For Halloween, witches, festoons, trees can be created using natural tree’s figments. Foiled coffee cans and thermocol can be used.

Large fruit bowls and seasonal blooms can be created using relative artifices. Colored fruits can be used for further decorations.

Small children toys can be used for beautifying the Christmas trees. Home-made Santa Claus will complete the effect. Figs and cherries are great ensemble packages.

St. Patrick’s Day will not be finished without adding certain green elements at home. Flower pots, bonsai plants or even a branch shoot an angle inspires a green look.

For Thanksgiving Day, dinner table needs to be cloistered with special bowls, etched designs. Festoons from the ceiling and ribbons will give glaze. You can also hire professionals for beautifying your home during such festivals.

Etched glass dining table

Glass dining tables give an impression of opulence. Now people are going for the etched look. They go for a DIY exercise to lend their dining table an edge.

First you need to take accurate measure of the glass atop. With the help of good tools, it needs to be separated from the footholds. Then designs may be stenciled on the fabric motifs done on the glass top. Once that has sunk in, the stencil marks are carefully peeled off and the designs left to soak up for a while. Then the effect is complete.

You may dabble in particular paints and spray them wisely to acquire desired motifs. Of course, you need to first mask the glass with papers and then etch to ensure no harm to the precious ware. That surface is then scrapped and the resultant outlook is quite enchanting. It gives kids a reason to take their food especially.

Make gallery kitchen look bigger

Gallery kitchens are usually small and a part of a small house. With some intelligent inputs, they can be made a little bigger at least in looks.

False ceiling and weed finishes lend a natural ambience. Windows opening the outer world to the kitchen make it bask in the sun. Creating an island with eating space helps in accentuating spaces. Racks and trays should be placed closer. Appliances should be on one side and close to the cooking area. This enables space in the kitchen.

Stripes and trims on the walls make it appear big. Base cabinets can be placed for storage capacity as well as throwing an illusion for space. One can also look towards gaining space by pushing the wall back through subtle construction. Light colors mirror big size and thus even small kitchens look substantial.

One can go for shelves instead for cabinets for inducing the same effect.