Tips for sprucing up your wood paneling for the holidays

Holidays are those times of the year where you have nothing to do – literally nothing except hogging. So would you prefer sitting there and put on fat or try making the wood panels look stunning by using your own creative mind for a change? The latter part sounds like a good idea; so why don’t you read on and find out how to make it realistic. First things first – think of a unique holiday art, something that signifies art and happiness both at the same time.

Don’t worry if your budget doesn’t correspond with your creative ideas, go to a local resale centre and you’ll be surprised to find out some inexpensive but beautiful stuff. Pick up some – obviously the ones that suit your theme. Decorate your mantel, refurnish it, and add some cozy embellishments to see what it looks like. Add paneling around the fire place and all of a sudden you’ll find your home unrecognizable.