Curtains vs. Blinds: What is better for your home?

Curtains vs. Blinds, home decorOnce you have started decorating your home, at some standpoint of time, you find yourself in a dilemma to choose between curtains and blinds for the windows. We are here to help you out.

Although blinds are good in matters of longevity and strength, curtains have a list of advantages over blinds.

  • Curtains are easy to maintain and make. They are prone to dust but can be just taken down and sent off to dry cleaning whenever you wish.
  • Curtains offer a wide range of choices in vibrant and beautiful colors and patterns.
  • Curtains make better insulators for your home.

Blinds offer only natural and pastel colors and are difficult to clean as you have to wipe off each slat. Roller blinds are easier though. Curtains can be a problem with pets or children who tend to drag them down. But when in comparison, curtains are much more advantageous in terms of usefulness.

Glow in the dark wall stickers for your kid’s room

dark wall sticker, kids roomAre you looking for ideas for decorating your kid’s room? Then you can use the glow in the dark wall stickers. These stickers make the room a different place during the night time. The glow in the dark stickers comes in many different cartoon characters as well as the celestial bodies. These stickers glow when you switch off the light during the night time. It creates a whole new world for your kid in his sleep.

These stickers can be used to remove the fear of your child. The fear of sleeping alone can be removed by using these stickers as it will make sure that your child can watch their famous characters stuck on the walls of their room. Thus it will make sure that you do not have to stand by the side of the bed till the time your child falls asleep. So use these glow in the dark stickers to make a different world in their room.

Basic difference between antique and vintage rugs

antique and vintage rugs, rugsWhen we say vintage, most of us have a thought in the head that vintage means old. This is a very huge misconception. Vintage basically means something that has been made with great detail keeping in mind some designs which have been used for centuries. An old item can be remodeled or modified to make it into something vintage. Vintage rugs are made with great detailing, are in good shape and condition. There are old and modern vintage rugs available.

Antique is something which is at least a century old which has been left in its original form. Mostly people buy antique rugs to sell them on a wholesale basis or if they want to put in their own ideas. Anything antique usually needs repairing and remodeling. Rugs which are antique may have holes or stains or can be destroyed by moths and bugs at places. There are many shops which handle antique rugs and these can be repaired there. The aesthetic value remains intact in case of antique rugs.

It is interesting to notice that both the words “Antique” and “Vintage” seem like they are implying something that is aged. Generally people think old things are not worth buying. But this is not true. Whether you buy an antique rug or a vintage rug, both are worth buying and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the homes. However the value of an antique rug is far more than the value of a vintage rug. Antique rugs are also more expensive than the vintage rugs. Those homeowners who love to use rugs for their home décor will obviously select an antique rug over a vintage rug.

A vintage rurugsg does look classic and elegant but not to the level of an antique rug. Antique rugs are said to provide the home a royal look. This feel of royalty attached to antique rugs makes them more popular than the vintage rugs. All this however should not lead you into thinking that vintage rugs are not valuable at all. Vintage rugs are inspired by the designs of some antique rugs. This means that they have an essence and feel of antique rugs in them. So if you cannot get hold of an antique rug for your home then the next best thing you can get hold of is the vintage rug.

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