Wooden or metal: which is a better pick for curtain poles

wooden curtain polesIt is difficult to give a biased opinion when it comes to selecting either wooden or metal curtain poles. The curtain poles are not just rods that are used to hang the curtains and drapes. Over the recent years, the curtain poles have acquired great importance as room accessories. Be it wooden or metal curtain poles, you will be able to get them in attractive designs and finishes. It can be said that people who want to go with the classic look can go for the wooden pole while those who want a trendier décor can go for the metal curtain poles.

While the wooden curtain poles can support heavy curtains are easier to match according to the décor of your room, the metal curtain poles on the other hand can be bent into the perfect shape and are extremely durable. So it is actually a win-win situation for you when it comes to choosing between the wooden curtain poles and metal curtain poles. Both can be suited for your need.

Glam up your home with crystal chandeliers

The most classy and sophisticated way of decorating your house is to accessories it with chandeliers. However, some homework has to be done before you can adorn your house with chandeliers. You have to have an idea about the various kinds of chandeliers in order to know which one would be best for you. There are different types of chandeliers that are available in the market. Some are really exquisite with a traditional make that has designs which are elaborate along with provisions of holding a number of lights in the branches. Such traditional forms of chandeliers suit the big homes. However, you can also go for the modern versions of the chandeliers that would not be such elaborated in design and will not have so many branches for holding lights. One example of such modern chandeliers is the crystal chandelier. They are very elegant to look at but require little space and are appropriate for smaller houses.

Antique Japanese rugs for your home decor

Feeling like decorating your home sweet home with Japanese make over? Or planning to do up your home for the special sushi dinner? Japanese home decors ranging from furniture to mats have impressive look as well as doesn’t bend too much on wallet. You don’t need to be in Japan to have a Japanese touch what you need is minimal effort and the right mixes.


In Japan it’s normal to have a Tatami for the floors, or the mat that we normally place on the floor. Tatami can be one large single piece or a number of small of them, or the bamboo area rugs would match fine. Bamboo blinds could be used as piece of floor decoration item. They were known as Sudare, used to partition rooms as it could be seen through them. It is advised to use them to get that craving Japanese look!!

How to do up a modern bathroom

Modern Bathroom, Modern Bathroom DecorWhile doing the remodeling for your bathroom, you need to make a through plan of what you are going to do and decide how you want your bathroom to look. Decide if you are intending to get a new toilet, a new sink, a bathtub or a bathroom vanity. You may just want to change the faucets, the showers, the mirrors and the accessories of the bathroom.

You could simply want to renovate the lighting and the paint of the bathroom. Either these or a full makeover of the bathroom could be on your mind. Here are a few tips that might help you make up your mind. You should go for the special showerheads like the double showerheads or the filtering showerheads. You could install a heated flooring for the bathroom for those cold nights in winter. You may also be interested in putting a television set in your bathroom. You can jazz up the bathroom by installing a spa, which would use the jets of water that would target the muscles of the body and massage you.

Enhance your bathroom with the perfect shower screen

shower screen,  bathroom decorA good shower screen for your bathroom could provide an alternative to the conventional curtains and doors. It is a simple screen, which is designed for covering the shower enclosure completely from the ceiling to the floor. However, it could be easily retracted when there is no use of it. Therefore, you can have a screen when you are taking a shower and have it disappeared when you want it to.


Now, it is up to you if you want a normal screen or a designer one that would match the décor of your bathroom so that it enhances the look of the bathroom and hides the shower completely. If you choose the right screen for your shower compartment, it may serve as big artwork on your bathroom wall. There screens available in the market are hand painted by interior designers and artists. These screens look very beautiful and it gives a completely new look to the bathroom wall when they are pulled across.