Role of color in home décor

Color for home, home decorColor or shades has indeed a very important role in creating a perfect environment in the home. A lot depends on the type of color you are selecting. A very dark color can make your house very stuffy and suffocating. it is always better to go for a relatively light shades for your walls. This will make your home bright and airy and will also impart a beauty to the interiors. However a very light color is not advisable since it catches dirt too easily and in a few days your wall will start looking as age old. There are various types of color designs and patterns available nowadays. You create some handicrafts like wall architecture as well with your walls and this will add an aesthetic sense to the beauty of your house.

Almost all leading paint companies have their expert personals who will visit your house and keeping in mind your personal choice as well as the compatibility of your house will suggest the perfect color for your house.

Avoid toiling while tiling

tiling tips, home decorTilling up your walls or floors is a big project when you are decorating your house for the first time or re-decorating it. The tiles that you choose should not only fit your budget but also compliment the walls and go with the décor of your room. Because there are so many details to look after, choosing the correct tiles often becomes a painful job.

Other than just looks and price, there are other things to bother about as well. There is maintenance which is one of your prime concerns and also the strength of these tiles has to be good to last through a good couple of years. Instead of toiling with these issues one after the other, it is best to take care of them at the same time. There are loads of beautiful tiles that are strong, low maintenance and cheap at the same time that you can choose from.

Window treatments for your home

Window treatments, home decorIt is a wish for everyone to decorate their new home and many people spend lots of money for interior decoration but as a matter of fact you can decorate your home alone but you will have to be clever in doing that. Take for instance the windows of the rooms. There are various options which you can choose from. From different kinds of curtains to the whole window style you can be in charge of everything. There are people who prefer the Victorian style of doors and windows.

If you want to have carved curtain rods then you will get that in the market along with matching curtains because there are separate curtains for such type of curtain rods. There are various curtains for normal rods as well. These help to give the windows a classy look. If you are successful in doing this then the rooms will look much brighter than before.

What are melted clocks?

melted clocks, home decor accessoriesMelted clocks can be a very artistic way of decorating your house. There are a number of versions that are available in the market. If you are looking for a low priced version you can go for the version that is made of plastic and they are designed in a way that makes them look like metal or genuine silver.

You could go for the versions that are meant to be rested on the mantles or the shelves or you could go for the versions that could be hung on walls. You could also go for the versions that are designed to give a sculptured appeal. You could go with the versions that are meant to be hung from doorknobs or sit on a table as a centerpiece as well. There are a lot of options when it comes to the designs and the colors in the market. Therefore, melted clocks are a great way of giving the house an artistic décor.

Vintage fabric for a luxurious feel

Vintage fabric, home decorWhen you choose your home’s fabrics, you should always try something new to give your home a unique look. Now you can give your home a vintage touch with the help of the right kind of fabrics. The good news is that you can even use normal fabrics for your cushion and pillow covers, drapes or curtains and even table cloths and sofa covers.

Using cotton fiber and lacey prints with flower patterns and retro prints, you can even sew your own vintage cushions and drapes. Use these on plain fabric and you can give them your own vintage covers. You can also try the tie and dye method with various intense colors and give the entire room a retro feel. If you’re not the artistic type, then you can go online and buy your fabrics too. They come in cheap at some sites if you buy your materials in bulk.

Garden benches for a beautiful backyard

Garden benches, backyard decorA perfect way of spending your leisure time and relaxing is to sit in your garden. Spending some quality time amidst nature is a very good way of relaxing. For these you must keep your garden neat and clean as well as beautiful. You can also have a cup of tea with guests sitting in the garden. To decorate your garden you can make use of the garden benches. You can also use the garden benches can also be placed in the backyard.

There are many types of benches designed intricately. You can select from the wide range of designs that are available. The colors of the benches also do vary. You can select from the wide variety according to your own choice as well as according to the exterior of your house. Keep in mind that the bench you choose should be comfortable enough. So before purchasing any bench, you have to do proper research of the market to have the best pick.

Table top fountain: bring class home

Table top fountain, home decor accessoriesIf you want to give your home an oriental décor, then one of the easiest ways to do so is to get yourself a table top fountain. A table top fountain comes in various unique and intricately worked on designs which can range from a mini mountain to a Buddha fountain to seen simple everyday objects like a cup and saucer.

According to Fen Shui, it brings in tranquility and bliss into a room. It can ward off negativity and flow of water is supposed to get positive energies flowing into the room. You can find these at any oriental shops. Your carpenter should be able set up the fountain at the desired place. You can also buy the item online and set it up with a water connection. They usually have DIY manuals which can be referred to.