10 Garden Decor Ideas

Garden Decor IdeasGardens are where most people recreate and rejuvenate themselves to be prepared for the next thing to do. It is very necessary to have a pleasing garden. It adds comfort and wants to make you go there. Here are 10 ideas which may do the needful:

• If you have a sloping garden stone stairs can be created to make it look like its naturally present there as a part of the scenery.
• Making a small sitting arrangement with chairs made from natural materials like wood bark one thatched chairs in heaps creates a natural but pleasing effect.
• Decorating with candles and candle stands that turn on by night creates a beautiful effect and makes you want to go to the garden even by night.
• Covering all the little flower pots or plant pots with stones is a great way of camouflage and beauty. They look one with the garden.
• Tomato and pumpkin plants with the fruits on them are also an ideal way of garden decoration.
• Pumpkin carvings can also be used as a form of decoration kept in a scattered way in different parts of the garden.
• A nicely furnished wooden area can also be creating for seating purposes. This is if you want the well furnished garden look but completely artificial feel; Looks great otherwise.
• Creating a play area for kids is also a great way to decorate the garden. The kids can have their share of fun here.
• If the garden is tapering then diagonal flowerbeds can be spread out ending at the tapering side of the garden. This makes it look good.
• A swimming pool can be created if the garden is big enough for accommodation. This fulfils the decorating needs and the swimming needs as well.

Home Colour Trends 2014

Home ColourAs the New Year is emerging the colour trends too are gradually changing. The worlds new motto is go green and thus this wide new range of colour palette is fast emerging with people adapting to it at an amazing pace. So how’s the home color palette unfolding? The color sequencing is one of the trends that will catch up. The art to sequencing colours from one room to the other is clear and beautiful. The hallways being the arteries of the houses radiate colours off the rooms and this palette will surely blow your mind and inspire you to do the same with your apartments as well.

A lighter touch with hints of pastel colours but not too candy coloured or too eater egg coloured. A shift from the patent greys to more of blues, greens, lavenders and pinks. Colours which are not too loud and pass on a very gentle and pleasing effect for your own relaxation is the trend of the hour.

The new trend of 2014 is the neutrals. They continue to be in demand and they continue being the best. Neutrals either used as a double for making a darker colour stand out or just as a standalone in a monochromatic way. Neutrals have made their way from the houses of the ordinary middle class to the rich class making its audience very wide and diversified.

Green is the hot favourite recently. The eco consciousness which is spreading makes green one of the favourite 2014 colour trend in most houses nowadays. The brown coloured walls which were preferred by many are now shifting to a more neutral beverage coloured tone of cinnamon and mocha too.

Light blue is also suggestive of peace, constancy and dependability which a research shows are the qualities Americas seek during times not- so- stable making blue one of the sought after colours by many homes and business houses.