A beach inspired home interior décor

beach inspired home interior décorAre you considering a few décor themes for the family cottage that you have recently purchased? Well, there are many home décor themes which will work well for the cottage but one of the most appealing one is definitely the beach theme. Here are some ideas about how you can live shaped to the beached inspired décor.

For the living room, you can opt for the lighthouse theme. You can use a lot of nautical décor elements in your living room for the lighthouse theme. You have paint the walls of the room crisp white and then use blue or red lighthouse patterned wallpaper to create a wonderful backdrop. For the bathroom, the seashell theme will work the best. You can use wallpapers with small aquamarine shell patterns to create the perfect ambiance. Bathroom features and accessories in half ceramic and half rattan designs will bring the seashell inspired theme to life. For the bedroom you can pick the shore bird theme and for the kitchen the sea life theme will work the best.


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