Advantages and Disadvantages of Gable Roofs

Gable roofsIf you are going for a new house and thinking about gable roofs for your new home roof then you must first check out its advantages and disadvantages and then go for it. These are very much common and popular roofing among people and many opt for it because of its advantages but you should also verify its disadvantages and then take final decision. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Home beautification

Gable roofs are so good that it not only adds to the beauty but also very versatile to the house as it add up to a half part of the living space. It also adds up the light that falls into the house and also the ventilation of the house. Thus gable roofs are beneficial in many ways adding beauty, air circulation and even spacious.

  • Weather resistance

Another advantage of installing gable roof is its weather resistancy. The shape of gable roofs is sloped shape which helps in preventing the buildup of snow and rain water. Due to its quality of resistancy and shape leaks are prevented. It can reduce wear and tear on the roof and also reduce the weight of it from having excessive pressure.

  • Cost effective in building

One of the biggest advantages of installing gable roof is its cost effectiveness. Its installation is cheap and affordable and that’s the reason why it is preferred so much by the people. Gable roof is famous and universal among people. Its high demand keeps its keep to be low.

  • Benefits over building codes

Going for gable roofs also gives you the privilege of building with more than one story. If there is a area where it is not legal to build a home with two story, this is not applicable in case of gable roofs. It increases the space and adjusts in some way which gives feel of second story. But it is nothing but just the part of the first story. It is very important in historical district areas where it is not permitted to build beyond definite height.


  • Ventilation Issues

The ventilation system in the gable roof is pretty much poor. This type of roofing will require vents for proper ventilation. You are availed with two types of options for installing vents in the gable roofs and that is ridge vents and gable vents. There are some extra options available such as under-eave vents, soffit vents, box or dome vents. You can go with either of one.

  • Aesthetic considerations

When compared to hip roofs gable and hip are aesthetically very different. The sides in gable roofs are fully exposed while going for hip roofs, they sit on the top of the roofs. Thus both looks are very different. It totally depends on your choice which one to choose and which one not to choose. It’s on your choice which look you want for your house. It may be possible that you might like looks of gable roofing and you might not like gable roofing looks.





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