Ways To Clean Your Hardwood Flooring

Clean your hardwood flooring

Tips of cleaning your hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is so popular and so gorgeous that each and every homeowner wants to install it in their home. However with this beauty, also come some responsibilities. Hardwood flooring in home throbs the heart of people, but all those people might not be aware that in return it asks for a lot of maintenance. One of the basic things you need to do is to clean your hardwood flooring. Unlike other flooring options, you cannot clean your hardwood flooring with any cleaning solution. Hardwood is very sensitive and cleaning it with any material can damage your flooring. Hence you have to be very careful while cleaning your hardwood flooring. Here are some of the ways to clean your hardwood flooring and maintain it.

  • Vacuum regularly

When we use our floor daily then why do we hesitate to clean it daily? If you don’t get time to do any other thing for cleaning your hardwood flooring then the least you can do is to vacuum your floor regularly. You can also consider it doing twice in a day. If the dust and dirt will remain on the floor for longer period of time then it will result in deteriorating the finish of your floor and making it look old and dull. Hence vacuuming your hardwood floor will maintain its finish and keep up the good appearance of it. Make sure while vacuuming, you don’t attach any brush or beater bar as it can result in scratching your floorings surface.

  • Let the rain be out

Water and hardwood are not good friends. If you want to clean your hardwood flooring and maintain it for long time, then try not to let the rain enter up your home. Rain will not only deteriorate the finish of your hardwood but can also penetrate in the floor and damage it very badly. Keep your doors and windows closed whenever you are expecting rain. If you have any potted plants, then keep the tray under it and immediately clean the water on the floor.

  • Use a door mat

Cleaning your hardwood flooring will not even be a need but don’t let it get dirty on the primary phase. Majority of the dirt enters your home by coming in and going out. When someone enters your home they will have dirty feet which can make your whole floor dirty. To avoid this, you can have a big door mat at the entrance of your home. By this dirt will not enter your home. However there are other ways of your floor getting dirty and you cannot have control over all of them but at least you can do what is possible. Using a door mat will not cut you off totally from the work of cleaning your hardwood flooring but it will at least lessen up some of your work.

  • Use carpet or rug

For cleaning your hardwood flooring and maintain it, you will have to lay down the carpet and rug on the high traffic areas so that they are protected and don’t lose their finish.

Know how to maintain your bamboo flooring

bamboo flooring, floor maintenanaceBamboo flooring is getting increasingly popular in many homes these days to ensure a green living. However, bamboo flooring calls for proper maintenance and care and here are some tips on how to keep your bamboo floor anew.

You must keep the floor dust free and hence take up cleaning everyday. Sweep and vacuum the floor regularly and its best if you can place door mats. The bamboo floor should be kept dry as moisture presence on the floor would leave dirty stains. In case the bamboo floor is stained, immediate care is needed to free the floor from the unwanted mark through bamboo friendly cleaning solution. Thus, always keep a bamboo compatible cleaning agent handy at home.
Then, you should know that bamboo floor is not scratch proof. Hence it would be best to leave your shoes (especially when you are wearing high-heels) outside or at one corner of the room while you enter the room.

Get Wood Look Porcelain Tile to Feel the Difference

With the passage of time, trends have changed. The tradition of tiles has also changed with time. These days, wood look porcelain tiles are in. Professional interior designers of also recommend these tiles for those who are looking for home improvement and remodeling. This is also the reason that the tile industry has come up with new innovations and options for consumers. In recent years, the wood look porcelain tile has come up with many choices. This will help you enjoy newer choices to your home. You can exactly get the look you are looking for. These are quite different from ceramic tiles. The best part is that you can experiment a lot with these tiles. There are several colors and tiles to choose from. There are many tones that you can use in your home. The warm appearance of wooden floors is simply laudable. These offer extra durability of ceramic tile. There are many other advantages you can enjoy via using wood look porcelain tiles.

Some of these include the following stated below:
• Fire resistant
• Moisture resistant
• Resistant to scratches
• Stain resistant
• East to clean


Actually area rugs are floor coverings. It is used so that the floor can be always becomes free from dusts. The homes with tile floors or wall-to-wall carpeting are benefiting. There are variety of shapes, materials, colors and patterns for these area rugs. An area rug can be made of pure wool, cotton as well as of any synthetic material.

To use area floor one has to know the appropriate size and shape of that particular thing. Basically rectangular shaped rugs are used to cover larger areas. Not only that the oval shaped rugs are also used for the same purpose. One should try to match the colors, patterns as well as style of the rugs to make an interior decoration of one’s room. From periodic cleaning purpose one can think for vacuum cleaners. It can remove dusts as well as dirt from the carpet fiber. By opting a professional carpet cleaning service one can easily save time and money. Hence at last the room also becomes beautiful.


Marble, the most elegant flooring material, can add a beautiful touch to any room. Once again it never needs replacing. The unique shades, the high polish and the sophisticated sheen are the main characteristics of marble. That’s why it is easily acceptable. Being a hard material it is absolutely free of maintaining cost. Actually when it gets dull it can be easily polished.

In case of kitchen or bath it may require occasional re-selling. Generally the floor made by marble gets cold. So to warm it up we should put down some rags on floor. In spite of being accessible marble are truly expensive. As it is porous so we need to clean it up regularly. In spite of having many drawbacks the marble floors are really nice to look at. It is even better than hardwood floors. If it is properly cared then it lasts for one’s entire lifetime. Hence the marble rocks or rather tiles enhance the beautifulness of a sweet home.

How to Care For Laminate Floors

If you have laminate floors in your house, you need to take good care of them so as to maintain their beauty. Here are some tips to help you care for your laminate floor. You should clean it often. However, you are not supposed to use wet mops to clean the floor as doing so will destroy it.

You should only use gentle detergents to clean your laminate floor. If you use abrasives and strong detergents, you will be destroying the floor. There are some special cleaning agents that are specifically made for laminate floors. You should use these cleaners to avoid risking the destruction of your floor.

If you want your laminate floor to last a long time, you can apply a laminate floor coating to protect it from getting scratched. You should avoid frequent movement of furniture in the room. You can also place a door mat outside the door to keep dust and footwear dirt from the laminate floor.

How to Care for Vinyl Floors

Vinyl is a great choice when you choosing a suitable material for your floor because it is durable and easy to maintain. The floor should be vacuumed on a regular basis to remove dirt. If there are spills on the floor, they should be wiped immediately and if the stain is stubborn, use some warm water with clear ammonia.

When you notice that the floor has become dull, you can use floor polish to returns its glow. Make sure you use polish that is recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use soaps and cleaners that are abrasive on this type of floor.

Place some mats on entryways to prevent sand and dirt from being brought into the house. When you have vinyl floors, be careful when moving heavy objects because they can damage it. Place some underlayment sheets or plywood on the floor when moving such objects.