Weigh your Options with Solarium Furniture

Solarium can be an exciting idea for giving yourself a safe housing in spite of feeling in the lap of the natural elements. In a solarium, the roof and three walls at the most are replaced by glasses. This ensures that one gets to see the moon shining and rain falling directly above the head while sleeping in a comfortable couch at night or reading the newspaper and taking the bed tea in the sun.

In case of solarium furnishings, one needs to be very planned and conscious. In solariums you cannot eat up space installing furniture which you won’t require too often. Simplicity and the least number of furniture will work best in solariums. The shape, size and location of the solarium too will be a deciding factor for the furnishings. The minimum that you require in a solarium is a sofa or a single couch, a table and some comfortable chairs.

Etched glass dining table

Glass dining tables give an impression of opulence. Now people are going for the etched look. They go for a DIY exercise to lend their dining table an edge.

First you need to take accurate measure of the glass atop. With the help of good tools, it needs to be separated from the footholds. Then designs may be stenciled on the fabric motifs done on the glass top. Once that has sunk in, the stencil marks are carefully peeled off and the designs left to soak up for a while. Then the effect is complete.

You may dabble in particular paints and spray them wisely to acquire desired motifs. Of course, you need to first mask the glass with papers and then etch to ensure no harm to the precious ware. That surface is then scrapped and the resultant outlook is quite enchanting. It gives kids a reason to take their food especially.

Furniture face-lift

In strained circumstances, people may use strategic ideas for furniture face-lift. This is because furniture are objects of desire attention. Silver or golden varnish may be done on bookcases or showcases.

Oak chairs or other hardwood furniture can be varnished with likewise colors. Maple finishing on furniture comes at cheap rates. Wood stains or concrete stains are used on certain objects. Sofas may be embellished with fabric embroidery.

Kitchen cabinets may be beautified with crown moldings. Other cabinets may be bereft of canopy and made shelf-less. Chaise chairs may be renovated and a small aquarium may be placed in the living room corner to give the decisive edge. You can also go for vintage look by investing in old stuff. They will cost less than modern furniture.

Faux painting, wicker patio or matching decoration can be utilized for furniture facelift. Of course, with money, you can replace them with new furniture.

Romantic master bedroom furniture and décor

Lovebirds with money and innovative ideas keep their bedrooms romantic. They scent their rooms with special fragrance for the effect. Candles in the corners are cozy even in neon times. Ancient furniture coupled with Belgian chairs is rocking. For instance, you may put a tower clock over a renovated space.

Canopy beds breed intimacy. Hardwood like mahogany may be used for that. There should be some dancing and loving space and a music system adds value to romance. You can place soft fruits like strawberries on the bed-side table. Lighting should be of dull and mixing type.

Curtains should be thick to cut out the external noise; and the door should also be thick. Bed must have silk sheets for that sensuous undertone. There should not be installment of hardware in the bedroom like computer. Soft and sensuous painting on the facing wall carries an impulse. Let the birds sing along.

Antique Furniture – Special Care for Special Furniture

Antique furniture is good to have in the house since it adds a unique since of style. These valuable items can be quite costly. You should therefore make sure that you take good care of them at all times. Here are some tips to help you maintain the value of your antiques.

You should look for a place in the house where your antique will not come into contact with the sun, water or too much heat. These three things can destroy your antiques by degrading their finishes. If you have to place some antiques near a window, you should ensure there is a curtain or shades to keep out the sunlight.

You should also make sure that your antiques are clean by dusting them every so often. Use gentle cleaning agents to clean the surfaces of the antiques. Handle your antiques with care when moving them to avoid scratches and breakages.

How to Clean Wood Furniture- 5 Tips

Wood furniture requires more care compared to other materials and cleaning is one of the most important processes. Before you clean wood furniture, you need to know the kind of finish that is used. There are various finishes that are used on wood furniture and they are all cleaned differently. Once you know the finish, you can choose an appropriate method to clean the furniture.

When cleaning, check for damage on the wood furniture. This can save you a lot of money for repairs.

The furniture should be washed every once a year using soap and water. Use soft clothing when you cleaning to prevent scratches on the wood finish used.

The wood furniture has to be dried as soon as possible but you should make sure you do not expose it to direct sunlight.

Wood furniture also needs to be dusted on a regular basis to prevent dirt from accumulating.

How to Reupholster an Old Piece of Furniture

If you have an old piece of furniture, reupholstering is a great alternative to buying especially if it is an antique piece. Doing it yourself instead of taking it to a professional allows you to use your creativity. With reupholstering, you also get to choose the exact fabric to use on the furniture and it takes a shorter time than when you make an order for custom furniture. Before you start on your reupholstering project, you need to choose the fabric you will use. Choose quality fabric specifically designed for upholstery. This fabric will last longer and also tends to be stain free. The fabric should also match the rest of the furniture in the room.

When you want to upholster and old piece of furniture, you should also choose the right tools. Some of the tools that you will need include, needle nose pliers, staple gun, rubber mallet, a pair of scissors, glue gun and welting.

Baby Furniture – Differences between a Bassinet and a Crib

Bassinets are a popular choice for most parents with new born babies and are used during the first few months. They are shaped like baskets and this makes it easy to carry them around unlike cribs. The bassinets also weigh less and some of them even come with wheels so that you can move them from one area to another even as the baby sleeps. A bassinet is a good option for a parent who travels a lot or the ones who live in apartment buildings. With a bassinet, a baby can comfortably sleep near the parent which is important during the first few months.

A crib is stationary and is more suitable for a baby who is more than six months old. They are more economical because unlike bassinets, a baby can use it until they are about 2 years old. They are safer because they come with bars therefore the baby cannot fall out.

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