A Brief Discussion about Home Exterior Painting

Exterior Paints, home paintingThe paints which we choose for our homes are made of different materials and ingredients. The paints used on the outside of our homes are different from the paints we use on our interior walls. Painting your exterior walls can be something which you can do yourself because all you will need are some simple tools, a ladder, paints and good brushes.

One good thing is that choosing the paints for your exterior walls is easier than choosing the paints for your home’s interior. There are not many options to choose from when it comes to the form exterior paints which makes it easier for you to make a choice. Also, you cans elect those exterior paints which use eco friendly chemicals and which do not release harmful gases. When you start your painting project just make sure you protect your windows and base and your clothes nails, and skin.

Paint your home like a pro

Home painting, home decorYou can transform any room with just a color change. Painting any room in your house is tricky, there are lots of color ideas available, and you can mix your own taste as well. If you go to a painting agency for the work, then it can end up costing high. There are some knowledge and skills needed to paint a room successfully like a pro.

Without hiring a pro, How it can be done? Some tips are listed below:

• Before deciding on a shade, try out different shade samples on the wall.
• Place protective plastic covering on the floor and furnitures in the room, before starting the painting work.
• Remove all the electrical wall fittings, it can be hazardous while painting.
• Apply at least one coat of primer, before going in for the main paint coat.
• A 2 coat of paint will give best results.

Carpets for a glamorous look

carpets for home decor, carpetsSo you are wondering what you can add to your décor to give it that something extra. Want something which not only reflects class but also grandeur? If so, carpet is a great decorating element. New striking collection of colors and designs are the main features of carpets these days.

Contemporary textured color carpets increase the visual appeal of any room by adding to its glam factor. With new emphasis on the colors and textures for the floor, designers are rolling into the wall to wall carpets making the consumers experience a rich new style of magnificence. Wall to wall carpets stand to our way of living and it is not just its design but also its ability to hide vacuum lines and footprints. It is engineered for the purpose of optimum performance. Carpets can also be found in designer as well as generic variants. The former is a bit expensive while the latter is a much reasonable pick.

Holiday wall decals for your room

Wall decor ideas, home decorThe holidays are the most fun and happy moments filled with memories of togetherness with your family. To enjoy your holidays to full, you decorate your home especially for the holidays. But the worst part is once the holiday is over; you have to take down all the decorations you have made. To avoid this, you can use the holiday wall stickers to decorate your room. Stickers are available for all holiday purpose starting from, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter etc.
Most of the wall decals today come with the peel and stick technology.

You just need to peel off the protective backing and paste the decals right on the wall. Since there is no use of glue or water, these wall decals when peeled off then don’t leave any stains or marks on the wall. The wall decals for different occasions are available in various styles, shapes and sizes. Depending on the place where you intend to paste it, you should buy the appropriate decals.

Turning your backyard into an exotic party location

Backyard decor, backyardThere is nothing more exciting than hosting a garden party in your own house. People will come and enjoy in a homely atmosphere and you can surprise them with a beautiful party location no farther than your own house. Turning the backyard or patio into a party location is not a difficult job. All you need is proper cleaning and weeding. Then get some cool patio furniture in the backyard. A barbecue grill will add fun to your partying experience.

A portable refrigerator for storing drinks is surely an addition that guests will appreciate. If you have a small dug out pool in the backyard, it will be great to host summer parties. Get a swing attached to some big tree and children will not miss out on their part of fun. Since it is easy to serve guests with food and drinks from the kitchen door, garden parties are always hassle free.

Find the perfect mirror for your bathroom

Bathroom decor, mirrors for bathroomFinding the perfect mirror for any room can be a challenge and it is not until you have tried a good many will you understand which suits the best. The best way you can decide for your bathroom mirror is by understanding what kind of mirror your bathroom needs.

Here are a few tips that can be followed when looking for the perfect mirror for your bathroom:

• If you have a small bathroom and you want to make it larger then the best option is to go for a large sized mirror, one that covers an entire wall or corner and creates an elusion of space.

• If you have a large wash basin then choose a mirror that would compliment the basin in terms of color and design.

• You can also choose mirrors that go with the look of your bathroom. For example, a bathroom with a traditional décor needs a traditional looking mirror while a modern bathroom needs a modern mirror.

Tips to pick the perfect lighting for your kid’s room

kid’s room lighting, kid’s roomThe best part about doing the décor of children’s room is that you get to be completely creative. There are a few things that you have to consider when you are going for the décor of the child’s room. The first thing to consider is the theme. You may go for a jungle based theme or a sports theme.

The choice of light fixtures will depend on the kind of light fixtures that you will choose. If the room belongs to a girl, you can go with a green lantern that would mystify the purple or pink walls at night. There are a lot of interesting fixtures available in the market that projects various figures on the walls and the ceilings. Do not forget to install a good desk lamp for the study table of the child. Do not forget to take the opinion of the child. These are some of the things to consider.

Learn to give your home a country inspired décor

Home decor ideas, home decorYou might be thinking of newer ways of decorating your house so that you can achieve a look that will set your house apart from the rest of the similar looking modern houses in the neighborhood. One of the best ways to do this is to go for the country inspired décor. The colors will play in important role when you are trying to go for such a décor.

You should go for combinations of white, gold and a lot of hay yellow to get that perfect country feel. If you can, add a wooden porch to the house with wooden railings and a wooden rocking chair. For the indoors, you should go for the designer lampshades to get that rusty charm you are looking for. Colored glasses for the windows can also be a good idea for the décor. The curtains should be chosen carefully as well so that they compliment the color scheme of the indoors. Unkempt brick walls can also be a good idea.

Tips to pick the perfect hue for you home

Home decor ideas, home decorThe colors are very important when you are trying to give a good décor to your house. With the right colors, a character is given to the house. The right color scheme will also speak a lot about the wonder of the house. There are different color schemes to choose from. It all depends on your temperament. If you want to give a loud appeal to the house you can go with the loud and warm color schemes.

If you want to give some oriental appeal to the house, you should go for the combinations like red and white as they give a very edgy appeal to the décor. If you want to give a nice and soothing feeling to the house, you can go with light hues like lilac, lemon yellow, azure and magenta. You may go with a different color scheme with a completely different appeal for different rooms of the house.

Tips to do up your ceiling

ceiling decor, home decorThere are many ways to make a ceiling look attractive. Ceiling design ideas can be taken from various interior decorating magazines and websites but there are so many options available that you might actually end up feeling confused. So if you want to narrow it down to the top 3 best options, read on.
Creating contrast looks is the trend these days in contemporary homes. Keep the walls dark and the ceiling light or vice versa for a contrast look. You can also go for the monotonous look by using the same color on walls and ceilings.

But do this only when the room is big and spacious or otherwise, the place might look smaller. Another thing which you can do is go for a simple, pastel shaded ceiling and hang interesting lightings from there. You can go for small lamps or go for a chandelier too.

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