5 Tips To Reduce Heat In Your House

reduce heat in houseAre you puzzled over how to keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer? Well, without getting lost in thousands of suggestions and tips, follow some simple advice to reduce more than 50% of the heat in your home, even when the outside weather is hot, humid and dry.

Shade factor: If you plan carefully and arrange having shade at different parts of your house, then a lot of outside heat can be controlled. First, try to put shades at the west and east windows of your house where the summer breeze generally blows. Additionally, adding a heating and cooling efficient roof can compound the energy efficiency of your home. Also, certain heat generating household chores like dishwashing are advised to be done only after sunset temperatures are lower. You can also use mini blinds on your windows.  These help control the majority of outside heat. Using heavy curtains are also of great use in heat reduction.

Don’t forget to ventilate: Remember that turning on air conditioners or fans all day do not make your home cool during the scorching summer.  An efficient ventilation system is also required to channel out the warm air inside the rooms. Try to keep the south-end windows open after sunset. You can sleep with comfort at night if you keep these windows open all night and leave the fan on at a moderate speed. This works as an ideal ventilation system and keeps your home cool and fresh.

Plant indoor trees: Another way of smart cooling is using small shrubs and indoor plants inside your house. These plants generate a lot of oxygen and make the inside temperature of the house bearable. On the other hand, if your house is situated on spacious land, you can try planting trees outside that will provide shade. However, it is a yearly process and should be initiated prior to the arrival of summer.

AC and dehumidifier: Air conditioners are the easiest and most common way to keep your house cool beyond the natural ways. But buying the right kind of AC unit is itself a daunting task. AC units are manufactured based on the total area needed to be cooled. Be sure to select the right size unit based upon the size of your home.  Its capacity and configurations must be carefully taken into consideration. One that is too large can be costly, while one that is too small will not adequately cool your home. Dehumidifiers are also gaining in popularity these days, especially in countries where the weather is really muggy and damp. A dehumidifier not only reduces the extra humidity from your room, but at the same time reduces the sultriness in the air.

Install different kinds of awnings: Awnings have also become a popular choice among those in warm areas around the world. They create really nice shade for your house and reduce a lot of heat. Yu may also want to consider installing bamboo shades right outside of your windows. This can reduce more than 60% of the heat towards your home and can make your home more enjoyable.

Invest on solar energy for energy efficiency

solar energy , alternate energyToday the earth is losing all its sources of energy day by day. The stage is not far when all the energy resources will be exhausted and nothing will be there for the use of the future generations. In such a situation it is the duty of every single human being to save as much energy as possible and contribute to the well being of the environment.

It is a very good option to invest on solar energy as this form of energy is available in plenty. The energy from the sun can be utilized for cooking, lighting and other purposes. You can install solar cells at home to generate electricity. Solar cookers and heaters are a great option to save electricity and L.P.G. in places where solar energy is available in abundance and the weather remains pleasant most of the time, solar energy can be used on a large scale. So, increase energy efficiency by making the right use of solar energy.

Advantages Of Using Natural Gas At Home

natural gas for homeIf you have decided to go green as far as all your home improvement measures are concerned, then here is a word of advice for you. Opt for natural gas for your home uses. Natural gas is one of the most affordable forms of energy used for residential purposes and it has far better value compared to electricity as a source of energy used in homes. The good news is that, there are many natural gas suppliers in Sydney and if you want one, natural gas connection Sydney is a really good place.

Use of natural gas will not only help you to bring down the utility bills of your home but also has other applied benefits. If you have a natural gas connection at home, you can easily use it to do all the cooking. When you do the cooking using a natural gas oven or range, you will be able to get the advantages of easy temperature control, self cleaning and self ignition. Also, the cost of cooking with a natural gas range is half of the cost of cooking with electric range. There are newer generations of natural gases as well and you can ask your natural gas supplier to supply these gases to you. Using newer generation natural gases helps you to use more economical and responsive cooking devices.

You can use natural gas to heat your Sydney home as well. During the winters, your home can be cooled with the help of natural gas powered air conditioning.

So, using natural gas saves money as well as the planet!