How to choose flooring for kitchen

flooring for kitchenLooking for flooring option for your newly remodeled kitchen? Your culinary space is one of the most frequented zones of your house and hence you must be careful to come up with a pleasant & functional flooring option. There are a number of factors to keep in mind while you are deciding on the kitchen flooring.

Consider convenience

Your kitchen is a messy place end of the day and hence make sure that the flooring you are taking to assures an easy cleaning approach.

Consider theme & durability

The kitchen flooring you would be opting for should be in proper alignment with the very theme of your existing home décor and style. Most importantly, you have to be careful about the durability factor. The culinary zone always receives heavy traffic which makes it mandatory to invest on a solid flooring surface.

Various floor materials

There are a variety of materials to pick from when it comes to kitchen flooring.

Ceramic floor

Ceramic tile can be your ideal option if you are tight on budget. The affordable material comes in a vast spread of pattern, shape, size and hence you are sure to find one matching your taste & personality. Another good bit about ceramic tile is that it’s really durable. Moreover, if you are stressing on convenient cleaning, ceramic tile is the option for you.

Porcelain floor

It’s a ceramic tile subtype which too comes up in umpteen numbers of styles, colors and shapes. The good part about porcelain tile is that it hardly reveals damage and hence would help to preserve the beauty of your culinary space. A lot of modern manufacturers today use high-definition printing technology to creating fancy porcelain tile replicating natural stone & hardwood.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is back to kitchen zone today thanks to its timeless aura and solid durability. If you are looking for solid durability and would not mind a high price tag, hardwood kitchen flooring is the option for you. Wooden flooring, especially made from mahogany, cherry, maple and oak are ruling the kitchens these days. Apart from being highly durable, wooden floors assure great comfort underfoot. However, make sure to opt for factory-prepared wooden flooring for the kitchen as these guarantee better durability.

Vinyl flooring

This is another popular option for kitchen flooring. Flooring made from vinyl is long-lasting, durable & usually carries warranty assurance. Moreover, vinyl flooring guarantees convenient cleaning. However, it should be mentioned that Vinyl floor emits VOC into air, particularly when it’s new.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is less pricey compared to tile or hardwood and is a good option if you are on shoe-string budget. The good part is that these are lesser prone to marring & scratches- if you have got pets and little kids at home, laminate flooring can be a great option for your kitchen.

Stone flooring

Stone flooring for kitchen echoes your classy taste and also works to up the glam quotient of your home. It’s a sturdy option, offering you several choices to pick from such as granite, marble, limestone, slate etc. however, stone is really expensive and demands good maintenance.

Be a trendsetter with quarts kitchen countertop

itchen countertopsQuartz kitchen countertops can be a very fashionable way of doing up your kitchen. However, when you are shopping for the materials, it is very important that you consider a few points. The finish and the color of the material are very important. Unlike many other countertop materials, quartz gives a wide range of colors to choose from. Therefore, it is up to you whether you want to be daring or conservative with the countertop.

The finish of the countertops needs to be considered as well when you intend to buy the material. You can get a version with an effect of textured stone or you could get a highly polished one. The durability of the material is also very important. If you are spending money on your kitchen, make sure you get the best for your money. Therefore, apart from looking good, the countertop must also be durable. The best thing about quartz is that they do not need to be sealed.

Add a bit of color to your life with bright kitchen tiles

Kitchen is a place in a house where everyone puts the maximum attention. The kitchen should look beautiful and as well as remain hygienic. In kitchen, every family member comes at least twice and children come more frequently throughout the day.

Many tile stores provide with a variety of colorful tiles like ceramic, porcelain, designed glass, beautiful marble, quartz tiles, etc. These tiles should not slippery as one has to move from one corner to another. These tiles should be water resistant, scratch proof and spill proof. They be should be in such a way that they can bear caustic and acidic liquids.

Kitchen tiles should enhance the natural light, so white and lighter shades can be the perfect colors. You can also opt for dark colors like black, grey or green to create a shinning effect and energy filled environment. It is advised to avoid glazed tiles as they are slippery. Tiling is necessary to keep your kitchen clean and colorful tiles enhance the look of your lovely kitchen making it brighter.

Tips For An Outdoor Kitchen

If you are thinking about setting up an outdoor kitchen to use during summer for barbecues, evening cocktails and pool parties, there are some simple tips you can use to make it look both functional and stylish. One of the things that you have to choose is a counter top for your kitchen. When selecting a counter top, it needs to be easy to clean and good looking. One of the most popular materials for counter tops for outdoor kitchens is granite. It is elegant looking and you also get a surface that is durable. It can also withstand all types of weather without requiring a shade to protect if from direct sunlight.

Your outdoor kitchen should also include a set-up that comes with a built -in refrigerator, sink and barbecue. You should also include some cozy furniture or stools that your guests can relax in when you are entertaining.

Countertop makeover

Countertops makeover needs innovative ideas. You can go for grout stain techniques, sandpaper technique or plain color spray.

Grout stain gives the countertops a hard look. Stone tiles can be used for the effect only you need a dark grout for that.

You can press sandpaper on the countertop to smoothen them. Then you may place little swirls or small elements to give it a definite edge. Chinaware or pieces of broken pottery can also be strategically placed to make countertops look special.

You can also go for spray paint. Do it for a couple of times, allowing it to dry. Then a couple more sprays give a permanent fixation.

You can refurnish bathroom or kitchen fittings to give countertops a classy look. Make sure that the insides are clean and hygienic. Install a jet washer for further cleanliness.
It needs remembering that countertops are only a part of bathroom or kitchen, not its whole identity.

Make gallery kitchen look bigger

Gallery kitchens are usually small and a part of a small house. With some intelligent inputs, they can be made a little bigger at least in looks.

False ceiling and weed finishes lend a natural ambience. Windows opening the outer world to the kitchen make it bask in the sun. Creating an island with eating space helps in accentuating spaces. Racks and trays should be placed closer. Appliances should be on one side and close to the cooking area. This enables space in the kitchen.

Stripes and trims on the walls make it appear big. Base cabinets can be placed for storage capacity as well as throwing an illusion for space. One can also look towards gaining space by pushing the wall back through subtle construction. Light colors mirror big size and thus even small kitchens look substantial.

One can go for shelves instead for cabinets for inducing the same effect.

Kitchen island planning basics

Those blessed with space and with a passion for cooking hanker after kitchen islands. It gives an encompassing feel of the kitchen with table-top cooking area, cabinets, dishwashers and even a small eating area. Generally, this is complimented by a formal dining space outside to cut off kitchen life with the rest of home.

You may go for multi-faceted cooking area with spaces for mixer and microwave. Having separate electrical outlets help. With hobs, counter tops and mount hooks, storage capacity is increased. It looks a decorative piece rather than a boring ensemble.

Wall colors should be well chosen, or better if the wall may be tiled. You can add corner posts and bump-outs for additional effect. Gas shades or a chimney may be installed if the island is placed in the middle of hall. You need to at least work up space for a couple of people in the island.

Decorating tips for a clutter free kitchen

Kitchen can be hard to work in when cluttered and cramped. You should aspire to keep your kitchen spacious and clutter free. You may take certain steps to assure that.

Mount hooks come quite handy in this. Your utensils, dish towels, and cups get an address in a small space that way. Crown moldings add to the storage and also enhance the outlook.

Walls and floor may be tiled or well-colored for a good image. There should be a shade on top of the gas to prevent from ceiling damage. Kitchen corners may be sealed with metal to avoid dust and dirt in the angles. Soap dispensers will also allow jet cleaning for utensils and thus keep things clean.

Overall, it should not be cramped with useless appliances like vacuum cleaner. Microwaves and toasters should be placed in a corner space and good walking space should be ensured to keep the cook happy.

Top 5 kitchen fix-ups

Kitchen is the reigning area of homemakers and needs additional attention. With certain fix-ups, you may make the area fascinating. These fix-ups won’t cost hell, but will surely make your life heaven with your partner. You should first take measurement of your cooking space and take decisions for fix-ups accordingly.

You should go for mount hooks. These are a must for holding certain utensils and making it convenient while cooking.

Placing tiled counters on the angle will make the cook feel refreshed and experience working in classy set-up.

Installing soap-dispensers will make it convenient for washing utensils and keeping the area clean.

Lighting and wall color is also a necessary aspect and should be kept easy on the eye.
Crown moldings on top of cabinets accentuate their height and give an imposing outlook.

These fix-ups won’t cost much and in addition, if you can ensure some added space, that will be heartening.

Update an old kitchen

For people with restrained budgets, life throws numerous challenges. One is to keep house good-looking with limited resources. Updating an old kitchen can be an art with less money. However; there are options.

You can paint the cabinets or use old woodwork to embellish cabinets. Counter spaces are sometime cramped in small kitchens. Either try to get off some of the unused stuff, or hide them under counter-tops. Certain appliances are anyway of limited use; and can be shifted to other portions of the house. Whitewashing may be done on ceiling and walls for clean effect. If you opt for color, try dark ones for the ceiling which takes much steam.

Wash basin should be placed near the gas for convenience. You can add knobs and flutes at opportune places to lend a dashing effect. Try to keep things minimal and spaces suited for work. You can go for complete innovation if you have the resource.

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