Countertop makeover

Countertops makeover needs innovative ideas. You can go for grout stain techniques, sandpaper technique or plain color spray.

Grout stain gives the countertops a hard look. Stone tiles can be used for the effect only you need a dark grout for that.

You can press sandpaper on the countertop to smoothen them. Then you may place little swirls or small elements to give it a definite edge. Chinaware or pieces of broken pottery can also be strategically placed to make countertops look special.

You can also go for spray paint. Do it for a couple of times, allowing it to dry. Then a couple more sprays give a permanent fixation.

You can refurnish bathroom or kitchen fittings to give countertops a classy look. Make sure that the insides are clean and hygienic. Install a jet washer for further cleanliness.
It needs remembering that countertops are only a part of bathroom or kitchen, not its whole identity.


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