Decorating tips for a clutter free kitchen

Kitchen can be hard to work in when cluttered and cramped. You should aspire to keep your kitchen spacious and clutter free. You may take certain steps to assure that.

Mount hooks come quite handy in this. Your utensils, dish towels, and cups get an address in a small space that way. Crown moldings add to the storage and also enhance the outlook.

Walls and floor may be tiled or well-colored for a good image. There should be a shade on top of the gas to prevent from ceiling damage. Kitchen corners may be sealed with metal to avoid dust and dirt in the angles. Soap dispensers will also allow jet cleaning for utensils and thus keep things clean.

Overall, it should not be cramped with useless appliances like vacuum cleaner. Microwaves and toasters should be placed in a corner space and good walking space should be ensured to keep the cook happy.


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