DIY Tips to Clean Your Fireplace

Fireplace maintenance, home careIf you have a fireplace in your home, then you should take great care to maintain and clean it in a proper manner. If you’re planning to clean out your fireplace then there are some basic steps you should follow. First of all, make sure that the wood and ashes have all cooled down. Start by cleaning out the ashes and debris from the area with the help of a shovel and cleaning brushes. Remove the grate and start scraping out the soot with soot cleaner or simple cleaning brushes. Make sure that you protective masks when you do this.

Go to the store and choose some good, preferably eco friendly solvents for fireplace cleaning, when you start using liquid ion the fireplace, you should make sure no ashes and debris is left. Clean out all the powdered material with a broom of necessary before using the solvents. Use hot water and a scrubber with the solvents while wearing gloves as things could get messy. Clean out the entire place with hot water completely until no dirt and soapy water is left. Vacuum clean the place after air drying it.


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