Escape from husband – a hidden reading room

hidden reading roomAre you tired of your day to day problems with your husband? Have you been looking for a way to escape these nuisances for a while and get some time for yourself, may be read a good book? If so, an offbeat yet useful option might come in handy to take care of this problem of yours. Hidden rooms are perfect for you to sit back, spend some quality alone time, finish a book you have wanted to read for a while, and all in all escape unwanted arguments. The idea of a hidden room might seem a little impractical; nevertheless with the right kind of décor technique you can easily maintain one and escape your husband as and when you need it.

How it all started:

The idea of a hidden room first became popular in the 50s. The basic reason why the concept started was to keep the dirty laundry room hidden from everybody. But that was a thing of past, as with time the concept of hidden room has evolved a lot. In most thriller movies a secret hidden room or compartment always added to the excitement; however it can be simply used to escape unwanted disturbance.

How to have an undetectable reading room

Now that you have decided to have a secret reading room, let us focus on how you can have one inside your own home. The best way to do so is to start with a room that has no windows and only a single door. What you need to do is convert the door into a cupboard or book shelf and you can easily transform that room into your favorite hideout. The only hitch is that your husband might actually notice that in a day the décor of that particular portion of your house has drastically changed. If he is one of the inattentive kinds, then this idea can work properly. Besides such windowless rooms you can also opt for much inconspicuous choices for added privacy. Having a room in your basement, or underneath your staircase are better options with more privacy.

Now that you have found your perfect hidden space to spend some quality time reading your favorite book, turn it into a nice relaxing zone, decorated tastefully with items that you like. This personal space can help you distress and feel rejuvenated after an unnecessary with your husband. Or both of you jointly can plan out the hidden room for some exclusive time for yourselves.


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