Furnishing up your studio apartment

studio apartmentStudio apartments are like the entire home into one with bedroom, living, dining, kitchen and bathroom within a huge single room. The obvious issue here is the space constraint but if you go smart with the furnishing you can actually come up with a well arranged studio easily. The article here is a short post on the furnishing options for a studio apartment.

Let’s start with the bedding. You can arrange for a loft bed here. The loft beds stay upwards and you will get a ladder to climb up to it. Thus you are getting ample floor space below which you can easily utilize as your study space. Loft beds are dual functionality furniture options which enable you to have both bedding and study within a single floor space. Apart from loft beds, you have the sleeper sofas. These are foldable sofas which could be extended for bed while needed and can be folded back for seating when you have guests over your place. Additionally, it’s good if you can also arrange for futon beds. These are sleek and elongated seaters which can also be utilized as a single bed if you need extra bedding space for your guests.

Then, you can go for foldable dining tables and chairs for your studio apartment. Foldable furnishing is an excellent option and wonderful space-saver. You can easily slide the folding tables and chairs under your bed or line them against the wall without obstructing the floor space. Get coffee tables with rack underneath that will work as great storage option for your books, newspapers and magazines. Besides, it’s good if you can put up some glass shelves or racks on your apartment walls to store the trinkets and knick-knacks. Remember a well arranged apartment is the main essence of a beautiful home.


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