Garage Work Bench Ideas

If you are looking for a workbench for your garage, it is easy to build yourself one without using too many resources. To build the work bench, you will need four 8 inches 2 by 4s, a partial 2 by 4 that measures 6 inches and two big pieces of Oriented Strand Board. You will also require some 3 inch and one 5 or 8 inch deck screw. When making the work bench, make sure the legs are suitable for your height.

The work bench can also include some cabinets for storage but they are optional if you only require a basic work bench. Most of the work benches that are professionally built are made using beech because it is elastic and strong enough to withstand daily use. Make sure you use dry wood that is laminated for the top. For a lighter workbench, you can use birch wood instead of beech.


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