Get your house proper jalousies

With the help of jalousie windows, it becomes easier to get in the fresh air. These windows are basically designed with a set of movable glass slats, which rests against each other when the window is closed and separates when the window is open.

Nowadays jalousie windows are made up of glass slats whereas in early times, wooden slats were used for its structure. Jalousie windows are made up of clear glass as well as frosted glass. Clear glass jalousie enables people to see in and out through the window whereas the latter is used for privacy reasons.

Jalousies also have some disadvantage as the individual glass slats are easily removable therefore the security risk arises in case of jalousie windows. Jalousie windows are also can never be sealed, which thereby allows the dust to enter the home all the time. Thus, proper kinds of jalousie are very useful for the home structures.


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