Infiltration ventilation

A ventilated home is a good deal but infiltration ventilation should not occur in the same. Infiltration ventilation can be associated with an unhealthy home. It refers to an accidental and uncontrolled entrance of unconditioned air from outside through gaps and cracks in the home envelope. It can be reduced by sealing the cracks.

Infiltration ventilation can harm a person’s health. It is forceful ventilation that is not at all used to introduce fresh ventilation air thereby preparing a breeding ground for bacteria and health related problems. The infiltration air rate depends upon the magnitude of the forces of wind and weather outside.

Infiltration ventilation can also lead to inferior performance, undue power consumption, an inability to provide adequate heating or cooling and drastically impaired performance from heat recovery devices.
Infiltration ventilation can also destroy the natural ventilation system’s performance. A good ventilation design is always combined with optimum air tightness thereby ensuring energy efficient ventilation.


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