Kitchen island planning basics

Those blessed with space and with a passion for cooking hanker after kitchen islands. It gives an encompassing feel of the kitchen with table-top cooking area, cabinets, dishwashers and even a small eating area. Generally, this is complimented by a formal dining space outside to cut off kitchen life with the rest of home.

You may go for multi-faceted cooking area with spaces for mixer and microwave. Having separate electrical outlets help. With hobs, counter tops and mount hooks, storage capacity is increased. It looks a decorative piece rather than a boring ensemble.

Wall colors should be well chosen, or better if the wall may be tiled. You can add corner posts and bump-outs for additional effect. Gas shades or a chimney may be installed if the island is placed in the middle of hall. You need to at least work up space for a couple of people in the island.


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