Know how to maintain your bamboo flooring

bamboo flooring, floor maintenanaceBamboo flooring is getting increasingly popular in many homes these days to ensure a green living. However, bamboo flooring calls for proper maintenance and care and here are some tips on how to keep your bamboo floor anew.

You must keep the floor dust free and hence take up cleaning everyday. Sweep and vacuum the floor regularly and its best if you can place door mats. The bamboo floor should be kept dry as moisture presence on the floor would leave dirty stains. In case the bamboo floor is stained, immediate care is needed to free the floor from the unwanted mark through bamboo friendly cleaning solution. Thus, always keep a bamboo compatible cleaning agent handy at home.
Then, you should know that bamboo floor is not scratch proof. Hence it would be best to leave your shoes (especially when you are wearing high-heels) outside or at one corner of the room while you enter the room.


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