Living room budget decor

Living room budget decorA living room is a must for many reasons. Be it some quality time with family and friends, or even relaxing alone and enjoying some leisure time, a living room is essential. Now if you are looking to improve the decor of your living room, but do not want too much of a pocket pinch, below are few tips that should help you achieve this.

• Set a focal point and then decorate around it. Use something that is available, like a window with a nice view or a fireplace. You can also use artworks or beautiful framed paintings to create your own focal point.
• Design your living room in such a way that it favors social gatherings. Make your sofas and couches face each other or place them in U-shapes so that when you have a get together with a number of guests, interaction and conversation becomes easier.
• Place your couch in a way that its back is against a wall. This creates enough space in the room, even if it is small in size. If possible, make your couch face the entrance of the house.
• Let natural light illuminate your room by hanging thin curtains. This makes your living room look serene and elegant.
• Hang wall hangings, paintings and art prints to make your living room walls look even better. If there is any artiste in your family or friend circle, you do not need to buy these either.
• You can install a light dimmer in your living room. This is not very expensive, and provides you with different types of lighting depending on different moods.
• If you have not very old pillows or cushions at home, do not throw them. Fix them and re design them yourselves with the help of stitching and paints and add a dash of creativity and color to your living room.


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