Make gallery kitchen look bigger

Gallery kitchens are usually small and a part of a small house. With some intelligent inputs, they can be made a little bigger at least in looks.

False ceiling and weed finishes lend a natural ambience. Windows opening the outer world to the kitchen make it bask in the sun. Creating an island with eating space helps in accentuating spaces. Racks and trays should be placed closer. Appliances should be on one side and close to the cooking area. This enables space in the kitchen.

Stripes and trims on the walls make it appear big. Base cabinets can be placed for storage capacity as well as throwing an illusion for space. One can also look towards gaining space by pushing the wall back through subtle construction. Light colors mirror big size and thus even small kitchens look substantial.

One can go for shelves instead for cabinets for inducing the same effect.


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