Marble, the most elegant flooring material, can add a beautiful touch to any room. Once again it never needs replacing. The unique shades, the high polish and the sophisticated sheen are the main characteristics of marble. That’s why it is easily acceptable. Being a hard material it is absolutely free of maintaining cost. Actually when it gets dull it can be easily polished.

In case of kitchen or bath it may require occasional re-selling. Generally the floor made by marble gets cold. So to warm it up we should put down some rags on floor. In spite of being accessible marble are truly expensive. As it is porous so we need to clean it up regularly. In spite of having many drawbacks the marble floors are really nice to look at. It is even better than hardwood floors. If it is properly cared then it lasts for one’s entire lifetime. Hence the marble rocks or rather tiles enhance the beautifulness of a sweet home.


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