Advantages and Disadvantages of Gable Roofs

Gable roofsIf you are going for a new house and thinking about gable roofs for your new home roof then you must first check out its advantages and disadvantages and then go for it. These are very much common and popular roofing among people and many opt for it because of its advantages but you should also verify its disadvantages and then take final decision. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Home beautification

Gable roofs are so good that it not only adds to the beauty but also very versatile to the house as it add up to a half part of the living space. It also adds up the light that falls into the house and also the ventilation of the house. Thus gable roofs are beneficial in many ways adding beauty, air circulation and even spacious.

  • Weather resistance

Another advantage of installing gable roof is its weather resistancy. The shape of gable roofs is sloped shape which helps in preventing the buildup of snow and rain water. Due to its quality of resistancy and shape leaks are prevented. It can reduce wear and tear on the roof and also reduce the weight of it from having excessive pressure.

  • Cost effective in building

One of the biggest advantages of installing gable roof is its cost effectiveness. Its installation is cheap and affordable and that’s the reason why it is preferred so much by the people. Gable roof is famous and universal among people. Its high demand keeps its keep to be low.

  • Benefits over building codes

Going for gable roofs also gives you the privilege of building with more than one story. If there is a area where it is not legal to build a home with two story, this is not applicable in case of gable roofs. It increases the space and adjusts in some way which gives feel of second story. But it is nothing but just the part of the first story. It is very important in historical district areas where it is not permitted to build beyond definite height.


  • Ventilation Issues

The ventilation system in the gable roof is pretty much poor. This type of roofing will require vents for proper ventilation. You are availed with two types of options for installing vents in the gable roofs and that is ridge vents and gable vents. There are some extra options available such as under-eave vents, soffit vents, box or dome vents. You can go with either of one.

  • Aesthetic considerations

When compared to hip roofs gable and hip are aesthetically very different. The sides in gable roofs are fully exposed while going for hip roofs, they sit on the top of the roofs. Thus both looks are very different. It totally depends on your choice which one to choose and which one not to choose. It’s on your choice which look you want for your house. It may be possible that you might like looks of gable roofing and you might not like gable roofing looks.




Top Attic Ventilation Myths for Roof

Attic VentilationAttic ventilation is such a topic which came across with a lot of misconceptions and myths. Well ventilated in attic is essential in any house. Good ventilation in house results in good air circulation, it also reduces moisture and heat is also reduced. Your proper attic ventilation will save you from poor health as well as damage. For proper roof attic ventilation, you have to stay away from attic ventilation myths listed below.

1)      More Ventilation is Always Good

This is too far from the actual truth. There is a limit of everything. Anything done too much is not good. There is always a limit for everything. In same way too much ventilation is also not beneficial. If your attic has insufficient ventilation then you will have to bear the moisture related issues in winter season and low energy competence during summers. But that doesn’t mean you should have excess ventilation as it can also cause problems. Your roof can cause leaks and seams can result into hurricane induced blowouts. It is suggested to have one square of ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic space.

2)      Roof vents will be advantageous in summer

Another myth to be believed is that roof vents increases the energy efficiency. Energy efficiency can be availed by proper roof ventilation. Other factors for energy efficiency are the color of your shingles and insulation and exposure to the sun.

3)      Any roof will work

There are many different types of roof vents including ridge vents, wind turbine, soffit vents, and wind turbine. It is upon you which one to select. Best suitable roof vents should be selected depending upon the location, size, climate, design, material and wind patterns of your home.

4)      Ventilation cools down the attic

If you are thinking that attic vents will totally remove heat from your home than it is totally impossible thing. Good ventilation leads to good air circulation which eliminates heat from attic but roof is responsible to radiate heat into the attic so total elimination is total myth.

5)      Roof vents remove warm air during winter

It is a totally wrong notion that a drag will be created on heating efficiency if a attic ventilation is created in winter. If this would be correct then you would have to deal with many other problems other than letting warm air escape from your home. The real reason behind heating up your attic more than a furnace is poor insulation. It doesn’t matter whether you do it in winter or summer. Your furnace will not heat up your attic if your roofing system has insulation on the roofing deck and that is designed without.

Current Trends Accepted in Roofing

current trends in roofingThere are different trends which increase according the time passes. As new technology is accepted by the people similarly the trends changes and is accepted by all the people. It is in the nature that people have to accept the changes which take place. Same, in the field of roofing, homeowners wish to install the current trends which are going on in the market. But installing a new roof in the place of old roof is a big option. It is not easy to install a new roof because it involves the money and investment of homeowners which they have earned. But there are many homeowners who wish to install and make their home more attractive by installing the new trends prevailing in the market regarding the construction of the roof. This article will help you to assure the aspects which are going on in the current trends which are accepted by the people in roofing.

Current Trends in Roofing:   

  • Earlier it was only specific colored roof available to the homeowners by now the trend have changed and it has grown its aspects more due to the technology in the field of the roofing. Now there are different colors available to the homeowners to build up as their roof. In all roofing methods like metal roofing, fiberglass roofing, plastic roofing, etc. this feature have added a charm to the construction of different roofs. The colored roofs look similar to the construction of the home.
  • The new roof methods are up with the facility and the features of anti protection from the main problem regarding the fungus and the moss in roof. This is the biggest issue which the homeowners face regarding the roof damage. The black stains which look ugly on the roof, all this problems have been solved with the help of the trends which have grown for the welfare of the roof and the homeowners.
  • Now the roofing contractors have started the trend of giving warranty regarding roof damage or any aspect which is regarded to the roof. The products and materials which are used in the construction of the roof is of best quality and there is no chance of the roof getting damaged. Because of this reason they give warranty of the roof which they construct in the roof of the homeowners.
  • There are experience and knowledgable roofing contractors in the world which has shown their efforts by constructing the roofs. So there is wide range of selecting the roofing contractors which the homeowners fit. Because every person have their different preference and accordingly they hire the roofing contractor.
  • The trend also stated the products which are eco friendly in nature and does not damage the environment. Even installing this kind of roof is easy as compared to other roofing method. The products which are used in the installation of the roof is very much easily available in the market and eco friendly in nature which does not gets decayed or either damage the environment.

How to choose flooring for kitchen

flooring for kitchenLooking for flooring option for your newly remodeled kitchen? Your culinary space is one of the most frequented zones of your house and hence you must be careful to come up with a pleasant & functional flooring option. There are a number of factors to keep in mind while you are deciding on the kitchen flooring.

Consider convenience

Your kitchen is a messy place end of the day and hence make sure that the flooring you are taking to assures an easy cleaning approach.

Consider theme & durability

The kitchen flooring you would be opting for should be in proper alignment with the very theme of your existing home décor and style. Most importantly, you have to be careful about the durability factor. The culinary zone always receives heavy traffic which makes it mandatory to invest on a solid flooring surface.

Various floor materials

There are a variety of materials to pick from when it comes to kitchen flooring.

Ceramic floor

Ceramic tile can be your ideal option if you are tight on budget. The affordable material comes in a vast spread of pattern, shape, size and hence you are sure to find one matching your taste & personality. Another good bit about ceramic tile is that it’s really durable. Moreover, if you are stressing on convenient cleaning, ceramic tile is the option for you.

Porcelain floor

It’s a ceramic tile subtype which too comes up in umpteen numbers of styles, colors and shapes. The good part about porcelain tile is that it hardly reveals damage and hence would help to preserve the beauty of your culinary space. A lot of modern manufacturers today use high-definition printing technology to creating fancy porcelain tile replicating natural stone & hardwood.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is back to kitchen zone today thanks to its timeless aura and solid durability. If you are looking for solid durability and would not mind a high price tag, hardwood kitchen flooring is the option for you. Wooden flooring, especially made from mahogany, cherry, maple and oak are ruling the kitchens these days. Apart from being highly durable, wooden floors assure great comfort underfoot. However, make sure to opt for factory-prepared wooden flooring for the kitchen as these guarantee better durability.

Vinyl flooring

This is another popular option for kitchen flooring. Flooring made from vinyl is long-lasting, durable & usually carries warranty assurance. Moreover, vinyl flooring guarantees convenient cleaning. However, it should be mentioned that Vinyl floor emits VOC into air, particularly when it’s new.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is less pricey compared to tile or hardwood and is a good option if you are on shoe-string budget. The good part is that these are lesser prone to marring & scratches- if you have got pets and little kids at home, laminate flooring can be a great option for your kitchen.

Stone flooring

Stone flooring for kitchen echoes your classy taste and also works to up the glam quotient of your home. It’s a sturdy option, offering you several choices to pick from such as granite, marble, limestone, slate etc. however, stone is really expensive and demands good maintenance.

Types Of Cabinet Designs

Cabinet DesignsYou should consider style and quality when choosing kitchen cabinets. There are some standard sizes of the cabinets. However, the base of the cabinets can always be increased. Cabinets that are made length wise, they are typically 83.5 inches tall. The tall cabinets serve for storage of broom or pantry. Cabinets can be grouped under four main categories depending on the construction and quality. You can choose the cabinetry for you among them according to your budget. Browse those styles and options that fit your pocket. Mostly installation charges are included but if not do not forget to add it to the cost. You should always go for a cabinet that is well-constructed and a one that suits your purpose.

Stock: These cabinets are economical and the most basic option. They are available in sizes that are pre-made. They are always produced in bulk and only fixed sizes are available. It becomes very inconvenient to fit them in some spaces as their sizes cannot be altered. The materials that are used for stock cabinets are different depending on the manufacturers. It might be made of plastic and laminated or might have hardwood covering. There is another drawback of stock cabinets that they all are not made of good quality wood and they do not have a very wide variety for choosing accessories from. However, choosing the right stock cabinet without sacrificing on quality can make the place look ravishing in an affordable price. Most of the stock cabinet’s installation charges are not covered in the price that is quoted.

Semi-custom: If you are looking from something in mid range price semi-custom cabinets offer a broad selection of style and material. They let you alter sizes and are also available in better wood and better construction. They are made in standard sizes but are open for any size alterations required. At a reasonable price it offers different decorating elements, finishing and storage styles. You can enhance the cabinets with a more personalized look. You can choose designs from a manufacturers catalogue or you from ready designs. They usually include the price of installation in the selling price.

Custom: It is the type that provides you with the most high-end designs. They are completely made on order and have in-numerous styles, finish, materials and accessories for you to choose from. They are unique and designed exclusively for even the most awkward spaces. Precision and accurately measured these cabinets have limitless options for you to choose. A custom made cabinet provides you a cabinet with a superior hand built and exactly the way you want. They are like lavish furniture where you quickly exhaust your budget. They have flexibility of size, shape depth and finish. They include both delivery and installation charges in the quoted price.

Ready-to-Assemble: They have narrow selections and are designed keeping the price factor in mind. If you are well skilled in doing things yourself you can save a lot of money by opting for this option. It might be troublesome on lasting for a long period of time and there is very less durability.

5 Tips To Reduce Heat In Your House

reduce heat in houseAre you puzzled over how to keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer? Well, without getting lost in thousands of suggestions and tips, follow some simple advice to reduce more than 50% of the heat in your home, even when the outside weather is hot, humid and dry.

Shade factor: If you plan carefully and arrange having shade at different parts of your house, then a lot of outside heat can be controlled. First, try to put shades at the west and east windows of your house where the summer breeze generally blows. Additionally, adding a heating and cooling efficient roof can compound the energy efficiency of your home. Also, certain heat generating household chores like dishwashing are advised to be done only after sunset temperatures are lower. You can also use mini blinds on your windows.  These help control the majority of outside heat. Using heavy curtains are also of great use in heat reduction.

Don’t forget to ventilate: Remember that turning on air conditioners or fans all day do not make your home cool during the scorching summer.  An efficient ventilation system is also required to channel out the warm air inside the rooms. Try to keep the south-end windows open after sunset. You can sleep with comfort at night if you keep these windows open all night and leave the fan on at a moderate speed. This works as an ideal ventilation system and keeps your home cool and fresh.

Plant indoor trees: Another way of smart cooling is using small shrubs and indoor plants inside your house. These plants generate a lot of oxygen and make the inside temperature of the house bearable. On the other hand, if your house is situated on spacious land, you can try planting trees outside that will provide shade. However, it is a yearly process and should be initiated prior to the arrival of summer.

AC and dehumidifier: Air conditioners are the easiest and most common way to keep your house cool beyond the natural ways. But buying the right kind of AC unit is itself a daunting task. AC units are manufactured based on the total area needed to be cooled. Be sure to select the right size unit based upon the size of your home.  Its capacity and configurations must be carefully taken into consideration. One that is too large can be costly, while one that is too small will not adequately cool your home. Dehumidifiers are also gaining in popularity these days, especially in countries where the weather is really muggy and damp. A dehumidifier not only reduces the extra humidity from your room, but at the same time reduces the sultriness in the air.

Install different kinds of awnings: Awnings have also become a popular choice among those in warm areas around the world. They create really nice shade for your house and reduce a lot of heat. Yu may also want to consider installing bamboo shades right outside of your windows. This can reduce more than 60% of the heat towards your home and can make your home more enjoyable.

Escape from husband – a hidden reading room

hidden reading roomAre you tired of your day to day problems with your husband? Have you been looking for a way to escape these nuisances for a while and get some time for yourself, may be read a good book? If so, an offbeat yet useful option might come in handy to take care of this problem of yours. Hidden rooms are perfect for you to sit back, spend some quality alone time, finish a book you have wanted to read for a while, and all in all escape unwanted arguments. The idea of a hidden room might seem a little impractical; nevertheless with the right kind of décor technique you can easily maintain one and escape your husband as and when you need it.

How it all started:

The idea of a hidden room first became popular in the 50s. The basic reason why the concept started was to keep the dirty laundry room hidden from everybody. But that was a thing of past, as with time the concept of hidden room has evolved a lot. In most thriller movies a secret hidden room or compartment always added to the excitement; however it can be simply used to escape unwanted disturbance.

How to have an undetectable reading room

Now that you have decided to have a secret reading room, let us focus on how you can have one inside your own home. The best way to do so is to start with a room that has no windows and only a single door. What you need to do is convert the door into a cupboard or book shelf and you can easily transform that room into your favorite hideout. The only hitch is that your husband might actually notice that in a day the décor of that particular portion of your house has drastically changed. If he is one of the inattentive kinds, then this idea can work properly. Besides such windowless rooms you can also opt for much inconspicuous choices for added privacy. Having a room in your basement, or underneath your staircase are better options with more privacy.

Now that you have found your perfect hidden space to spend some quality time reading your favorite book, turn it into a nice relaxing zone, decorated tastefully with items that you like. This personal space can help you distress and feel rejuvenated after an unnecessary with your husband. Or both of you jointly can plan out the hidden room for some exclusive time for yourselves.

10 Garden Decor Ideas

Garden Decor IdeasGardens are where most people recreate and rejuvenate themselves to be prepared for the next thing to do. It is very necessary to have a pleasing garden. It adds comfort and wants to make you go there. Here are 10 ideas which may do the needful:

• If you have a sloping garden stone stairs can be created to make it look like its naturally present there as a part of the scenery.
• Making a small sitting arrangement with chairs made from natural materials like wood bark one thatched chairs in heaps creates a natural but pleasing effect.
• Decorating with candles and candle stands that turn on by night creates a beautiful effect and makes you want to go to the garden even by night.
• Covering all the little flower pots or plant pots with stones is a great way of camouflage and beauty. They look one with the garden.
• Tomato and pumpkin plants with the fruits on them are also an ideal way of garden decoration.
• Pumpkin carvings can also be used as a form of decoration kept in a scattered way in different parts of the garden.
• A nicely furnished wooden area can also be creating for seating purposes. This is if you want the well furnished garden look but completely artificial feel; Looks great otherwise.
• Creating a play area for kids is also a great way to decorate the garden. The kids can have their share of fun here.
• If the garden is tapering then diagonal flowerbeds can be spread out ending at the tapering side of the garden. This makes it look good.
• A swimming pool can be created if the garden is big enough for accommodation. This fulfils the decorating needs and the swimming needs as well.

Home Colour Trends 2014

Home ColourAs the New Year is emerging the colour trends too are gradually changing. The worlds new motto is go green and thus this wide new range of colour palette is fast emerging with people adapting to it at an amazing pace. So how’s the home color palette unfolding? The color sequencing is one of the trends that will catch up. The art to sequencing colours from one room to the other is clear and beautiful. The hallways being the arteries of the houses radiate colours off the rooms and this palette will surely blow your mind and inspire you to do the same with your apartments as well.

A lighter touch with hints of pastel colours but not too candy coloured or too eater egg coloured. A shift from the patent greys to more of blues, greens, lavenders and pinks. Colours which are not too loud and pass on a very gentle and pleasing effect for your own relaxation is the trend of the hour.

The new trend of 2014 is the neutrals. They continue to be in demand and they continue being the best. Neutrals either used as a double for making a darker colour stand out or just as a standalone in a monochromatic way. Neutrals have made their way from the houses of the ordinary middle class to the rich class making its audience very wide and diversified.

Green is the hot favourite recently. The eco consciousness which is spreading makes green one of the favourite 2014 colour trend in most houses nowadays. The brown coloured walls which were preferred by many are now shifting to a more neutral beverage coloured tone of cinnamon and mocha too.

Light blue is also suggestive of peace, constancy and dependability which a research shows are the qualities Americas seek during times not- so- stable making blue one of the sought after colours by many homes and business houses.

Living room budget decor

Living room budget decorA living room is a must for many reasons. Be it some quality time with family and friends, or even relaxing alone and enjoying some leisure time, a living room is essential. Now if you are looking to improve the decor of your living room, but do not want too much of a pocket pinch, below are few tips that should help you achieve this.

• Set a focal point and then decorate around it. Use something that is available, like a window with a nice view or a fireplace. You can also use artworks or beautiful framed paintings to create your own focal point.
• Design your living room in such a way that it favors social gatherings. Make your sofas and couches face each other or place them in U-shapes so that when you have a get together with a number of guests, interaction and conversation becomes easier.
• Place your couch in a way that its back is against a wall. This creates enough space in the room, even if it is small in size. If possible, make your couch face the entrance of the house.
• Let natural light illuminate your room by hanging thin curtains. This makes your living room look serene and elegant.
• Hang wall hangings, paintings and art prints to make your living room walls look even better. If there is any artiste in your family or friend circle, you do not need to buy these either.
• You can install a light dimmer in your living room. This is not very expensive, and provides you with different types of lighting depending on different moods.
• If you have not very old pillows or cushions at home, do not throw them. Fix them and re design them yourselves with the help of stitching and paints and add a dash of creativity and color to your living room.

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