Paint your home like a pro

Home painting, home decorYou can transform any room with just a color change. Painting any room in your house is tricky, there are lots of color ideas available, and you can mix your own taste as well. If you go to a painting agency for the work, then it can end up costing high. There are some knowledge and skills needed to paint a room successfully like a pro.

Without hiring a pro, How it can be done? Some tips are listed below:

• Before deciding on a shade, try out different shade samples on the wall.
• Place protective plastic covering on the floor and furnitures in the room, before starting the painting work.
• Remove all the electrical wall fittings, it can be hazardous while painting.
• Apply at least one coat of primer, before going in for the main paint coat.
• A 2 coat of paint will give best results.


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