Romantic master bedroom furniture and décor

Lovebirds with money and innovative ideas keep their bedrooms romantic. They scent their rooms with special fragrance for the effect. Candles in the corners are cozy even in neon times. Ancient furniture coupled with Belgian chairs is rocking. For instance, you may put a tower clock over a renovated space.

Canopy beds breed intimacy. Hardwood like mahogany may be used for that. There should be some dancing and loving space and a music system adds value to romance. You can place soft fruits like strawberries on the bed-side table. Lighting should be of dull and mixing type.

Curtains should be thick to cut out the external noise; and the door should also be thick. Bed must have silk sheets for that sensuous undertone. There should not be installment of hardware in the bedroom like computer. Soft and sensuous painting on the facing wall carries an impulse. Let the birds sing along.


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