Summer interior design trends

Interior decoration during summer is a fashion statement and is known to change colors. Style has become more organic now and many trends lean towards using motif and fabrics. Carpet tiles are increasingly popular. Metal designs woven with leather are an interesting ensemble. Copper trimmings worked on leather makes a wall look great. Porcelain also comes in handy. Ceramics is getting gradually sidelined.

Roman blinds will never get out of the equation. In spacious interiors, chandeliers will also serve a glorious purpose if intelligently installed. Furnishing with nicely embroidered fabrics is another brilliant thinking. You may contrast bold colors with light ones. Lighting the rooms is also an essential process of thought. Kids like illuminated rooms. For living rooms, varied lights serve the purpose and dim ones work in terrace or optional bars. Cloth articles should be given light covers to inspire soft feelings. These are the current trends doing the rounds.


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