Terrace Gardening ideas

Gardening ideas, roof top gardenTerraces are a great possibility of an enchanting garden. The terrace is generally at a higher level than the ground.
If you desire to make use of your terrace space as your garden area, then there are plenty of choices available for you when it comes to the flooring or the plants. Firstly you have to start with the flooring of your terrace. This can be done with the use of cement, leveled accordingly and maintaining the drainage grade as well. You can also use flagstones by dipping them into sand or gravel. Exposed aggregate is another surfacing material worth considering. You can enhance the décor with the use of pebbles in and around the terrace area.

When one is talking about terrace garden, how can plants are forgotten? There are plenty of planting options that you can consider for your garden. It depends on your choice completely. But there is importance of using a good mix of the types of plants for your terrace garden to bring out the beauty completely.


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