Thinking of a pond – know more about it

People who have arable lands think sometimes of digging a pond for fishing. However, some information needs to be gathered before starting the process. A potent bio-filter will be needed to pump the water in and out fast during cleaning. Slight sunshade or parasol is advised to keep the UV rays away. Moreover, it keeps the conditions livable in the pond.

For ecological reasons and clearing of fecal matters, you should put helping plants like wisteria and lilies. You may have to need dust and dump from settling in; and so a good embankment is advised in the corners. You have first to check out the kind of land you are using and how much depth is efficient enough.

You should also look for algae formation, which is unhygienic for fishes. You will have to nip them in the bud. Different fishes need different spaces for flourishing. Goldfish for instance does well in 6 feet water.


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