Top Attic Ventilation Myths for Roof

Attic VentilationAttic ventilation is such a topic which came across with a lot of misconceptions and myths. Well ventilated in attic is essential in any house. Good ventilation in house results in good air circulation, it also reduces moisture and heat is also reduced. Your proper attic ventilation will save you from poor health as well as damage. For proper roof attic ventilation, you have to stay away from attic ventilation myths listed below.

1)      More Ventilation is Always Good

This is too far from the actual truth. There is a limit of everything. Anything done too much is not good. There is always a limit for everything. In same way too much ventilation is also not beneficial. If your attic has insufficient ventilation then you will have to bear the moisture related issues in winter season and low energy competence during summers. But that doesn’t mean you should have excess ventilation as it can also cause problems. Your roof can cause leaks and seams can result into hurricane induced blowouts. It is suggested to have one square of ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic space.

2)      Roof vents will be advantageous in summer

Another myth to be believed is that roof vents increases the energy efficiency. Energy efficiency can be availed by proper roof ventilation. Other factors for energy efficiency are the color of your shingles and insulation and exposure to the sun.

3)      Any roof will work

There are many different types of roof vents including ridge vents, wind turbine, soffit vents, and wind turbine. It is upon you which one to select. Best suitable roof vents should be selected depending upon the location, size, climate, design, material and wind patterns of your home.

4)      Ventilation cools down the attic

If you are thinking that attic vents will totally remove heat from your home than it is totally impossible thing. Good ventilation leads to good air circulation which eliminates heat from attic but roof is responsible to radiate heat into the attic so total elimination is total myth.

5)      Roof vents remove warm air during winter

It is a totally wrong notion that a drag will be created on heating efficiency if a attic ventilation is created in winter. If this would be correct then you would have to deal with many other problems other than letting warm air escape from your home. The real reason behind heating up your attic more than a furnace is poor insulation. It doesn’t matter whether you do it in winter or summer. Your furnace will not heat up your attic if your roofing system has insulation on the roofing deck and that is designed without.


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