Types Of Cabinet Designs

Cabinet DesignsYou should consider style and quality when choosing kitchen cabinets. There are some standard sizes of the cabinets. However, the base of the cabinets can always be increased. Cabinets that are made length wise, they are typically 83.5 inches tall. The tall cabinets serve for storage of broom or pantry. Cabinets can be grouped under four main categories depending on the construction and quality. You can choose the cabinetry for you among them according to your budget. Browse those styles and options that fit your pocket. Mostly installation charges are included but if not do not forget to add it to the cost. You should always go for a cabinet that is well-constructed and a one that suits your purpose.

Stock: These cabinets are economical and the most basic option. They are available in sizes that are pre-made. They are always produced in bulk and only fixed sizes are available. It becomes very inconvenient to fit them in some spaces as their sizes cannot be altered. The materials that are used for stock cabinets are different depending on the manufacturers. It might be made of plastic and laminated or might have hardwood covering. There is another drawback of stock cabinets that they all are not made of good quality wood and they do not have a very wide variety for choosing accessories from. However, choosing the right stock cabinet without sacrificing on quality can make the place look ravishing in an affordable price. Most of the stock cabinet’s installation charges are not covered in the price that is quoted.

Semi-custom: If you are looking from something in mid range price semi-custom cabinets offer a broad selection of style and material. They let you alter sizes and are also available in better wood and better construction. They are made in standard sizes but are open for any size alterations required. At a reasonable price it offers different decorating elements, finishing and storage styles. You can enhance the cabinets with a more personalized look. You can choose designs from a manufacturers catalogue or you from ready designs. They usually include the price of installation in the selling price.

Custom: It is the type that provides you with the most high-end designs. They are completely made on order and have in-numerous styles, finish, materials and accessories for you to choose from. They are unique and designed exclusively for even the most awkward spaces. Precision and accurately measured these cabinets have limitless options for you to choose. A custom made cabinet provides you a cabinet with a superior hand built and exactly the way you want. They are like lavish furniture where you quickly exhaust your budget. They have flexibility of size, shape depth and finish. They include both delivery and installation charges in the quoted price.

Ready-to-Assemble: They have narrow selections and are designed keeping the price factor in mind. If you are well skilled in doing things yourself you can save a lot of money by opting for this option. It might be troublesome on lasting for a long period of time and there is very less durability.


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