Update an old kitchen

For people with restrained budgets, life throws numerous challenges. One is to keep house good-looking with limited resources. Updating an old kitchen can be an art with less money. However; there are options.

You can paint the cabinets or use old woodwork to embellish cabinets. Counter spaces are sometime cramped in small kitchens. Either try to get off some of the unused stuff, or hide them under counter-tops. Certain appliances are anyway of limited use; and can be shifted to other portions of the house. Whitewashing may be done on ceiling and walls for clean effect. If you opt for color, try dark ones for the ceiling which takes much steam.

Wash basin should be placed near the gas for convenience. You can add knobs and flutes at opportune places to lend a dashing effect. Try to keep things minimal and spaces suited for work. You can go for complete innovation if you have the resource.


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