Vaulted Ceilings: It’s All about Space

When you look up at the ceilings they look big and bare. Compared to other parts of the room they come into a single use, i.e., protection. However a proper design can make the ceiling space too more utilitarian. Space crunch is the problem that most homeowners of today face. It would have been better if you could store all your belongings in a space that will not force you to sacrifice floor space.

This idea can be made possible by Vaulted Ceilings. Vaulted ceilings in design and structure come full with spaces that can effectively be used to hide and store things that may be a problem below. Perched high above, they are safer too. It’s all about space. Boxes and cabinet shaped areas prove to be effective and added is the fact that they need less maintenance. However talk to an expert contractor about the roof storage space that you can possibly have. Too much of it can put undue pressure on the walls.


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