Ways to make a bedroom better for sleeping

Bedroom is a private area and should be kept aloof from general din. To ensure better sleep, you should first allow a rush of air inside; provided there is an air-conditioner. Facing windows help matters.

Invest in large sandalwood beds. The expanse of bed and its stature lullabies you to a fine slumber. You can put foam mattresses though they are harmful in the long run. Cotton beds are more comfortable. Don’t keep too much stuff in the bed and keep it clean. People generally opt for television in their sleeping enclave. That is not a very intelligent option. After a hard day’s work, you should focus on gaining a good night’s sleep.

Bedroom with high ceilings also keep the space airy. Colors should be light so as not to offer distraction while sleeping. One should also not place mirrors in view from sleeping angle. Table fan is a luxury along with the normal one.


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