What improper duct placement can lead to?

Duct placement is a crucial decision in air conditioning, heating, comfort and energy costs. Ducts distribute air in desired temperature throughout the building. Often ducts are placed builders or air conditioning contractors place where it easiest to do so. Duct placement is also done in order to save money by these contractors.

Improper duct placement can lead to problems such as misplaced or missing supply of air conditioning cool air or return air registers, cold or hot air duct rust, improper cooling duct routing, and defective heating or cooling duct work. Poor supply and return duct locations can also severely reduce the effectiveness of the cooling system thereby increasing its operating costs.

Improper duct placement if is done too close to oil or gas fired equipment, it can lead to combustion of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide (CO) into the air duct system, sending dangerous gases into the living space.


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