Wooden or metal: which is a better pick for curtain poles

wooden curtain polesIt is difficult to give a biased opinion when it comes to selecting either wooden or metal curtain poles. The curtain poles are not just rods that are used to hang the curtains and drapes. Over the recent years, the curtain poles have acquired great importance as room accessories. Be it wooden or metal curtain poles, you will be able to get them in attractive designs and finishes. It can be said that people who want to go with the classic look can go for the wooden pole while those who want a trendier décor can go for the metal curtain poles.

While the wooden curtain poles can support heavy curtains are easier to match according to the décor of your room, the metal curtain poles on the other hand can be bent into the perfect shape and are extremely durable. So it is actually a win-win situation for you when it comes to choosing between the wooden curtain poles and metal curtain poles. Both can be suited for your need.


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